School Counselor Standards and Evaluation

Ohio Standards for School Counselors

School counselors play an instrumental role in school districts throughout Ohio by helping guide students toward success in education and their future careers. In response to changes in state law, Ohio created a standards-based evaluation policy for school counselors that provides them with useful feedback and support as they grow and learn professionally. Ohio’s first step in this process was the development of standards, which the State Board of Education approved in October 2015. 

The standards set forth effective principles for an effective school counseling program. They also outline what school counselors are expected to know and be able to do at all stages of their careers. This includes the ability to provide counseling to help students with academics, career planning and social-emotional development. The standards also reflect Ohio-specific knowledge of career counseling for students and education options that provide flexibility for earning credit. 

The Ohio Department of Education and the Educator Standards Board worked with stakeholder groups and the chancellor of higher education to identify school counselors, administrators and other representatives to serve on the writing team that drafted the standards during spring 2015.

Evaluation of School Counselors

Ohio’s 2015-2016 budget bill required the State Board to adopt a standards-based framework for evaluating school counselors by May 31, 2016. By Sept. 30, 2016, each school district board of education must adopt a school counselor evaluation policy in accordance with the framework and state law.

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Legal Requirements 

  • Ohio Revised Codes 3319.61 describes requirements for the standards; and
  • Ohio Revised Code 3319.113 describes school counselor evaluation.

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