Approved Vendor Assessments

Approved Assessments

Vendor assessments can be a source of high-quality student data.

Districts and schools can choose to use assessments provided by national testing vendors and approved for use in Ohio.

Guiding Questions to Inform District Conversations with Approved Vendors

The department has created a document which provides a list of questions for administrators to consider when making decisions about purchasing approved vendor assessments that can be used as high-quality student data. This document was written to guide and support administrators in evaluating the alignment of the assessment to district and school goals. To view this document please click here.


Required by law, the Ohio Department of Education created a list of assessments that can provide high-quality student data. Districts administering an assessment on the approved list must contact the assessment vendor directly for details on how the assessment is used to provide data.

Approved Assessment Requirements

The vendors on the approved list provided evidence that the assessments meet these fundamental requirements for providing high-quality student data:

  1. Be highly correlated with curricular objectives
  2. Have enough "stretch" to measure the growth of both low-and high-achieving students
  3. Meet appropriate standards of test reliability

Approved assessments that meet all of the above criteria are on the approved list. If a district is using an assessment on the list, they must contact the assessment vendor directly for details on how the assessment is used for providing high-quality student data. There will be future opportunities for vendors to demonstrate they meet the qualifications to be on the list.

NOTE: The Ohio Department of Education does not approve the monetary aspect and cost structure of the provision of services. Monetary aspects and cost structure of the provision of services are determined between the District and the vendor. ODE will not provide any funds for district use of the assessments on this list or any other assessments the district may consider for the use with their evaluation systems.

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