CORE Overview

CORE is an acronym for Connected Ohio Records for Educators, a suite of 18 Web applications that address all aspects of an educator's qualifications, including licensure, educator residency, professional conduct and much more. The CORE products most commonly used by teachers, school staff and parents are described here.

CORE licensure system

This CORE module provides a secure environment for educators to place licensure requests. In addition, they will update their demographic data and pay licensure fees through this system using a credit card or electronic check.

Certain district administrators and university deans can enroll as electronic signers through the CORE dashboard so they can conduct their portion of the review and approval process for licensure requests. 

To get started in the CORE licensure system, log into (or create) your OH|ID account. See the CORE Applicant User Manual  for guidance on accessing and navigating the CORE licensure system.

CORE Educator Profile

CORE's Educator Profile tool allows teachers, administrators and parents to check the status of an educator's application, review credential history and look at assignment data online in one streamlined location.

Resident Educator Program

The Ohio Resident Educator Program is a four-year induction system of support and mentoring for new teachers. Once beginning teachers are enrolled as resident educators in CORE by their district program coordinators, they can track information about their participation in the program on the CORE dashboard through their OH|ID accounts.

Local Professional Development Committee Registration

LPDC Registration, accessible from the CORE dashboard, is an online registration system that enables educational service centers, school districts and schools to request new LPDC registrations, renew existing registrations, and update address and staffing information. The LPDC data will update the Ohio Educational Directory System-Redesign system and contribute to the efficient processing of educator licensure renewals.

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