Fees for Licensure Applications

Ohio Educator Licensure Fees

License Item Fee
Addition of Teaching Area $20
Correction of Valid-In School or District - Alternative/Supplemental License $20
Evaluation Request for Alternative Resident Educator License $50
Evaluation Request for licensure through the Supplemental Pathway (must hold Supplemental teaching license in the requested area) $25
Multiple License Discount for Professional Licenses with the same effective year $20
Nonrefundable processing fee for application requests that do not result in issuance of a license $25
12-Hour Teaching Permit (1-Year) $40
40-Hour STEM School Teaching Permit (1-Year) $40
Adult Education Permit (1-Year) $25
Adult Education Permit (4-Year) $100
Advanced CTWD or Professional Career Technical License (5-Year) $200
Alternative Administrative Specialist or Superintendent License (2-Year) $80
Alternative Principal License (1-Year) $40
Alternative Resident Educator License (4-Year) $160
Associate License (5-Year) $200
Early College High School License (4-Year) $160
Educational Aide Permit or Student Monitor Permit (1-Year) $25
Educational Aide Permit (4-Year) $100
Extension for Resident Educator License (1-Year) $40
Out-of-State Educator License (1-Year ) $40
Permanent Non-Tax Certificate $200
Professional Administrator License (5-Year) $200
Professional Teaching or Pupil Services License (5-Year) $200
Provisional CTWD License (2-Year) $80
Provisional STEM License (2-Year) $80
Pupil Activity Permit (3-Year) $45
Pupil Activity Permit (4-Year) $60
Pupil Activity Permit (5-Year) $75
Pupil Services Registration (5-Year) $150
Resident Educator License (2-Year) $80
Reinstatement License (1-Year) $40
Reinstatement License (2-Year) $80
School Business Manager or School Treasurer License (5-Year) $200
Substitute License (1-Year) $25
Substitute License (5-Year) $125
Supplemental License (1-Year) $40
Temporary Pupil Services License (1-Year) $40
Visiting International Teacher License (3-Year) $120


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