Fees for Licensure Applications

Ohio Educator Licensure Fees

Addition of Teaching Area $20
Correction of Valid-In School or District - Alternative/Supplemental License $20
Evaluation Request for Alternative Resident Educator License $50
Evaluation Request for licensure through the Supplemental Pathway
(must hold Supplemental teaching license in the requested area)
Multiple License Discount for Professional Licenses
with the same effective year
Nonrefundable processing fee for application requests
that do not result in issuance of a license
12-Hour Teaching Permit (1-Year) $40
40-Hour STEM School Teaching Permit (1-Year) $40
Adult Education Permit (1-Year) $25
Adult Education Permit (4-Year) $100
Advanced CTWD or Professional Career Technical License (5-Year) $200
Alternative Administrative Specialist or Superintendent License (2-Year) $80
Alternative Principal License (1-Year) $40
Associate License (5-Year) $200
Early College High School License (4-Year) $160
Educational Aide Permit or Student Monitor Permit (1-Year) $25
Educational Aide Permit (4-Year) $100
Extension for Resident Educator License (1-Year) $40
Out-of-State Educator License (1-Year ) $40
Permanent Non-Tax Certificate $200
Professional Administrator License  (5-Year) $200
Professional Teaching or Pupil Services License (5-Year) $200
Provisional CTWD License (2-Year) $80
Provisional STEM License (2-Year) $80
Pupil Activity Permit (3-Year) $45
Pupil Activity Permit (4-Year) $60
Pupil Activity Permit (5-Year) $75
Pupil Services Registration (5-Year) $150
Resident Educator or Alternative Resident Educator License (4-Year) $160
School Business Manager or School Treasurer License (5-Year) $200
Substitute License License (1-Year) $25
Substitute License (5-Year) $125
Supplemental License (1-Year) $40
Temporary Pupil Services License (1-Year) $40
Visiting International Teacher License (3-Year) $120


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