Licensure E-Signers

The process for submitting and reviewing teacher licensure applications is completed through the online Educator Licensure and Records (CORE) licensure system. Authorized electronic signers (e-signers) from schools, districts, local professional development committees (LPDCs) and higher education organizations must review and approve or decline application requests online.

Please note that Educator Profile is an important resource in CORE, which school, district and university personnel with e-signer roles may use to access additional information regarding applicants, including their previously issued credentials, other pending applications, and background checks. Additionally, e-signers may click on the email address displayed in an applicant’s demographic section to send that individual application instructions or requirements he or she needs to fulfill for the license or permit requested. See the CORE E-Signer Manual for more CORE tips.

E-Signer Roles

  1. Superintendent
  2. Superintendent designee
  3. Credential e-signer
  4. Dean
  5. Dean designee – College of Education

The administrator of the local organization’s Ohio Educational Directory System – Redesign (OEDS-R) assigns the roles listed above. If you do not have an OEDS-R administrator, contact the Ohio Department of Education Custodian. Once you have received the appropriate role, please review the Enrolling as an E-Signer section below to complete the Enroll Me step. You must complete the Enroll Me step to become an active e-signer.

LPDC E-Signer Roles

  1. Coordinator-LPDC (Local Professional Development Committee)
  2. Coordinator designee-LPDC

Please see the LPDC E-Signer webpage for important information about LPDC registration and role assignment.

Enrolling as an E-Signer

Follow the directions below to complete the Enroll Me step after obtaining the appropriate e-signer role. You must complete this step to become an active e-signer:

  1. Sign into your OH|ID account and click Educator Licensure and Records (CORE) to access your CORE Dashboard.
  2. Click on License E-Signer in the red ribbon at the top of the page.
  3. Select Action next to your organization, and then click Enroll as E-Signer.
  4. Click Save to confirm your enrollment.

Once enrolled, e-signers will receive emails when educators submit applications. E-signers review submitted requests through the License E-Signer section on the CORE Dashboard and electronically “sign” (approve or decline) applications.


Last Modified: 12/8/2023 10:57:31 AM