Educational Aide and Student Monitor Permits

The Ohio Department of Education issues educational aide and student monitor permits under Ohio law1 to applicants who meet qualifications and have been hired to serve in Ohio schools or districts.

Applicants, schools and districts may download and print the Educational Aide Permit Checklist for guidance through the licensure application process.

Preliminary Steps - First-time and Renewal of Permits (Aides and Monitors)

Learn more before applying. Applicants who are applying for a first-time permit or wish to review information about these permits before renewal may click on the desired permit name:

Contact a school or district. Candidates should not apply for this permit (new or renewal) through the Department's online system until they have completed the two steps below; otherwise, the application may be declined. Candidates must:

  • Complete the employment process at the Ohio school or district where they are interested in serving as an educational aide or student monitor.
  • Notify the employing organization and request the employer's IRN to use in the online application; the organization's e-signer must approve the license application.​ 

Complete background checks. All applicants must have current background checks on file with the Department. 

About Educational Aide Permits

These permits qualify an individual to perform educational assistant duties in a school, including the supervision of students and assistance with instructional tasks (in accordance with Ohio law2).

Educational Aide Permit (1-Year). This permit, new or renewal, may be issued at the request of an employing school or district to an individual who holds a high school diploma or the equivalent. Please note that per Ohio law3, a candidate’s initial one-year educational aide permit is valid only in the employing school or district that requested the permit. One-year or four-year educational aide permits issued after the initial permit will be valid in any Ohio school or district.

Educational Aide Permit (4-Year). This permit may be issued to an individual who holds a high school diploma or the equivalent, and who has successfully performed their duties for a minimum of one full school year under a one-year educational aide permit. 

Addition of the ESEA Qualified Endorsement. ESEA stands for the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, or No Child Left Behind, which requires educational aides or paraprofessionals working in Title I settings to meet certain qualifications. Please see the Properly Certified or Licensed Toolkit for information regarding who is required to hold the ESEA endorsement.

To add the “ESEA qualified” endorsement to an educational aide permit, the individual must have successfully completed one of the following: 

  • The examination for paraprofessionals prescribed by the State Board of Education (ParaPro Assessment). Candidates must request their test scores be reported directly to the Ohio Department of Education from the Educational Testing Service.
  • An associate degree (or higher) from an accredited institution of higher education; or at least two years of study at an accredited institution of higher education (defined as 48 semester hours or 72 quarter hours). Applicants must submit their official transcripts from an accredited college or university. Please review the Instructions for Submitting Transcripts and short video tutorial before scanning and uploading transcripts.
    • Applicants who prefer to mail their original, official transcripts must use the following address: 

      Ohio Department of Education
      Office of Educator Licensure
      25 S. Front Street
      Mail Stop 504
      Columbus, OH 43215

    • Coursework completed outside the United States. Applicants who completed college coursework outside the United States must provide a course-by-course analysis from a  Department approved international credential evaluation service

About Student Monitor Permits

Student monitor permits qualify an individual to perform assistant duties that do not involve assistance with instructional tasks, such as supervising children on the bus, playground, cafeteria or other non-instructional tasks. 

Student Monitor Permit – 1 Year. This permit, new or renewal, may be issued at the request of an employing school or district to an individual who holds a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Application Instructions

  • Access your OH|ID account.
  • Click Educator Licensure and Records (CORE).
  • Complete the online application from your CORE Dashboard.
  • See the CORE User Manual for complete instructions.

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