Non-tax Certificate for Non-public Teachers and Administrators

The Ohio Department of Education issues non-tax certificates under Ohio law1 to those who will serve as teachers or administrators in Ohio nonpublic schools.

The nontax certificate is available in the following areas:

Permanent Non-Tax Certificate

Valid for teaching, administration and supervision in Ohio chartered nonpublic schools.

Candidates must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree conferred from an accredited college or university.

Permanent Non-tax Certificate – Non-tax, Non-bachelor’s

Valid only for teaching world languages, music, religion, computer technology or fine arts in Ohio chartered non-public schools.

The superintendent or chief administrative officer must verify candidates’ qualifications to teach in the available teaching fields.

Permanent Non-tax Certificate – Non-chartered, Non-tax Supported Schools

Valid only for teaching in a non-chartered, non-tax supported school.

Candidates must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree conferred or a diploma from a bible college or bible institute as described in state law2.


  • STEP 1: Meet education requirements for the permit. Candidates must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or a diploma from a bible college or bible institute (except for non-tax, non-bachelor’s certificates).
  • STEP 2: Contact the nonpublic school. Candidates should not apply for this license through the Department's online system until they have completed the following; otherwise, the application may be declined. Candidates must:
    • Complete the employment process at the Ohio nonpublic school for which they are interested in serving as a teacher or administrator; and
    • Notify the employing organization and request the employer's IRN to use in the online application; the organization's e-signer must approve the license application. 
  • STEP 3: Complete background checks. All applicants must have current background checks on file with the Department. 
  • STEP 4: Prepare university transcripts. Applicants must submit their official transcripts reflecting a bachelor's degree (except for non-tax, non-bachelor’s certificates). Please review the Instructions for Submitting Transcripts and short video tutorial before uploading transcripts. 
    • Applicants who prefer to mail their original, official transcripts must use the following address: 

      Ohio Department of Education
      Office of Educator Licensure
      25 S. Front Street
      Mail Stop 504
      Columbus, OH 43215

    • Coursework completed outside the United States. Applicants who completed college coursework outside the United States must submit a course-by-course analysis from a Department approved international credential evaluation service
  • STEP 5: ​Complete and submit the online application. 

Application Instructions

  • Access your OH|ID account.
  • Click Educator Licensure and Records (CORE).
  • Complete the online application from your CORE Dashboard. Select Nonpublic School Teachers and Administrators and then Permanent Non-Tax Certificate to open the application.
  • See the CORE User Manual for complete instructions.

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1ORC 3301.071
2ORC 1713.02

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