Substitute License

The Ohio Department of Education issues one-year and five-year substitute teaching licenses to applicants who meet qualifications and have been hired to serve in Ohio schools or districts. Effective July 1, 2019, the Department no longer issues or renews Short Term or Long Term substitute licenses issued under former Revised Code section 3319.226.

New Substitute Teaching License (1 Year or 5 Year)

Applicants will select teaching field(s) based on the post-secondary degree(s) they hold.

  • Post-secondary degree in Education:
    • Issued with a teaching field of “Education Degree-Unlimited.”
    • Valid for teaching unlimited days in a specific class in any subject or grade level, including intervention specialist areas.
  • Post-secondary degree in a subject related to an area of licensure:
    • Issued with a teaching field in a designated subject area related to the post-secondary degree (e.g., Integrated Mathematics). Review the list of subject areas available here.
    • Valid for teaching unlimited days in the designated subject area in any grade level.
    • Valid for teaching one semester in a specific class in other subjects with local board approval.
  • Post-secondary degree in a subject unrelated to any area of licensure:
    • Issued with a teaching field of "General Substitute."
    • Valid for teaching one semester in a specific class at any grade level with local board approval (the employing Ohio school board must approve extended assignments).
  • For individuals who are limited to one semester in a specific class, the local board of education may approve additional subsequent semesters in the same class.
  • Career-Tech Workforce Development (CTWD) – The district e-signer must electronically approve the online application to verify that you have the necessary skills and/or education to serve in the teaching field requested. Be sure to indicate in the application which Ohio school district or career center your application is to go to for electronic approval. Review the list of CTWD subject areas available here.
  • Reminder: Substitute teaching licenses are for substitute teaching. Substitute licenses do not meet proper certification requirements as required in Revised Code section 3319.074.

previously issued Long Term and Short Term Substitute Licenses Valid beyond July 1, 2019

  • All previously issued long term substitute licenses will continue to be valid for substitute teaching for an unlimited number of school days in the named subject area and grade levels through their expiration.
  • All previously issued short term substitute licenses will continue to be valid for substitute teaching in a given classroom for up to 60 school days during the current school year through their expiration.
 Preliminary Steps for First-time or Renewal of Licenses
  • Contact a school, district or educational service center. Please DO NOT apply for this license (new or renewal) through the Department's online system until you have completed the two steps below; otherwise, your application will be declined. You must:
    • Complete the employment process at the Ohio school, district or educational service center for which you are interested in serving as a substitute teacher.
    • Notify the employing organization that you will be selecting it as you apply online; the organization's e-signer will need to electronically sign your license application. 
  • Background checks. You must have current background checks on file with the Department. Please click here for more information.
  • Transcripts. If you are applying for a NEW substitute license, you will need to submit your official transcript (no photocopies) reflecting your degree conferred (minimum of a bachelor's degree is required). Please be prepared to scan and upload your original, official transcript in PDF format to your OH|ID account. Please note that we cannot accept grade reports, photos/photocopies of transcripts or unofficial transcripts. Before uploading your transcripts, please see the following requirements. You may also click here for a video tutorial on scanning and uploading transcripts:
    • Confer date of bachelor's degree must be visible.
    • Include all pages of transcript (front and back).
    • Registrar's signature and transcript key/guide must be visible.
    • Create one PDF file per transcript (do not upload pages separately).
    • Upload transcripts from multiple universities separately (i.e. each transcript should be one PDF file). 
    • Electronic transcripts may only be sent directly from the issuing college/university to
    • Do not submit transcripts that will expire or are password protected or locked.
    • Please note that you may view previously submitted documents in your OH|ID account under the My Documents section of your CORE Dashboard. If your official transcripts were submitted per system directions, you will not need to resubmit them.  
    • If you would prefer to mail your original, official transcripts, please use the following address: 

      Ohio Department of Education
      Office of Educator Licensure
      25 S. Front Street
      Mail Stop 504
      Columbus, OH 43215

    • Did you complete your degree outside the United States? If you completed college coursework outside the United States, please submit a course-by-course analysis from an approved international credential evaluation service. List of approved organizations
    • Please view our transcript video tutorial and tips & tricks here

Application Instructions

  • Access your OH|ID account.
  • Click Educator Licensure and Records (CORE).
  • Complete the online application from your CORE Dashboard.
  • See the CORE User Manual for complete instructions.

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