Licensure Options for Educators Returning to Ohio Schools

Ohio continues to navigate staffing shortages in schools and districts across our state, placing qualified educators in high demand. Educators who have considered re-entering the education field are encouraged to review the following licensure options.

Reinstatement Licenses. Educators may complete renewal requirements while working in an Ohio school or district under a reinstatement license. Educators with associate or professional Ohio licenses or certificates (including four-year provisional or eight-year professional certificates) that have expired may be eligible for the reinstatement license. Educators will be properly certified in the reinstatement licensure area while completing requirements to renew their expired associate or professional license (or to transition an expired four-year provisional or eight-year professional certificate to a professional license). Please note that an applicant may only request a reinstatement license for the same subject(s) and grade level(s) as their expired associate or professional license. Reinstatement licenses are nonrenewable.

Licensure Renewal. Renewal requirements for expired professional and associate educator licenses have changed. Educators with expired teacher or administrator certificates or licenses are required to complete only nine semester hours of renewal coursework through an accredited college or university since the last issued date of their license (or 27 CEUs through the local professional development committee of an employing Ohio school or district).

Transition or Advance Provisional Licenses. Educators who held a two-year provisional license (issued prior to 2017) may apply to transition that license to a Resident Educator license without completing any coursework. Those who taught for two full school years under a standard out-of-state teaching license may be eligible to advance their expired two-year provisional licenses to a professional educator license.

Transition or Advance Resident Educator Licenses. As a result of legislated changes to the Ohio Resident Educator Program, the Resident Educator license transitioned from a four-year to a two-year license on April 12, 2023. Educators with an expired four-year resident educator license may apply to transition that license to the new two-year resident educator license without completing any coursework. Those who have completed two years of the Resident Educator Program and passed RESA may be eligible to advance their expired four-year resident educator license to a professional educator license.

Substitute Teaching Licenses. Working as a substitute teacher is a great way to serve the community part time. The State Board of Education issues substitute teaching licenses with the General, Education Degree-Unlimited or subject area designations, depending on the applicant's postsecondary degree (bachelor’s degree or higher required). Applicants may apply for a one-year or five-year substitute teaching licenses at the request of the employing Ohio school, district or educational service center. 

Background Checks

Please note that all educators must have current background checks on file with the State Board of Education. See the Background Check FAQs webpage for information.  

Candidates who live outside of Ohio may email the Office of Educator Licensure and Effectiveness to request fingerprint cards.


Please see the Education Jobs webpage to view Ohio school and district employment opportunities for teachers, administrators, coaches, pupil service providers and more.

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