Prepare for a License

No matter where you are on your journey to educator licensure, there are many opportunities for those interested in serving P-12 students. Check out the Exploring Careers in Education section of the Ohio Department of Education’s Human Capital Resource Center for career opportunities and pathways to licensure.

Understanding the Educator Licensure Process. Candidates may review all the steps of the Department’s licensure process and other useful information regarding the online application system on this printable PDF.

Teachers. Qualified teachers are in high demand. Candidates may review the roles and responsibilities of teachers as well as pathways to teacher licensure in Ohio on this printable PDF.

Find an Ohio Educator Preparation Program. Candidates interested in completing a traditional educator preparation program may use this search tool to view all the universities that offer approved programs leading to Ohio licensure. The Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education approves institutions of higher education and educator licensure programs for the preparation of pre-kindergarten through grade 12 teachers, administrators and other school personnel. The State Board of Education for Ohio develops and approves the standards and requirements for educator licensure preparation programs.

Alternative Licensure Options. Ohio offers alternative pathways to licensure for teachers and administrators (principals, administrative specialists and superintendents). These accelerated licensure pathways are popular among candidates seeking a second career in education.

Out-of-State Licensure Applicants. Candidates who completed traditional licensure programs through accredited universities outside of Ohio will find information and requirements for Ohio educator licensure on the Department’s Out-of-State Licensure webpage.

Substitute Teaching License. Working as a substitute teacher is a great way to serve the community part time. The Department issues substitute teaching licenses with General, Education Degree-Unlimited or subject area designations, depending on the applicant's postsecondary degree (bachelor’s degree or higher required).

Licensure Options for Educators Returning to Ohio Schools. Former teachers are encouraged to review a variety of licensure options on the Department’s webpage to determine their best fit for returning to the classroom.

Employment. Please see the Department’s Education Jobs webpage to view Ohio school and district employment opportunities for teachers, administrators, coaches, pupil service providers and more.

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