Extend or Renew Resident Educator or Alternative Resident Educator Licenses

The Department issues extensions and renewals under Ohio law1 to allow candidates additional time to complete the Ohio Resident Educator Program.

Please note that the Resident Educator Program will transition from a 4-Year to a 2-Year program April 12, 2023. See the Resident Educator Licensure FAQ for information regarding upcoming changes.

Extensions - 1 Year

Educators may request a one-year extension to their currently expiring Resident Educator license provided they have met the following requirements:

FIRST AND SECOND EXTENSIONS. Candidates must complete two years in the Ohio Resident Educator Program to be eligible for the first and second extensions.

THIRD & FOURTH EXTENSIONS. Candidates must complete three years in the Ohio Resident Educator Program to be eligible for the third and fourth extensions.

Educators may request no more than four extensions.

alternative resident educators

Please note that Alternative Resident Educator license holders may not extend their currently expiring license until they have successfully completed all coursework and the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) 004 Assessment of Professional Knowledge exam, required to advance to the professional license

Renewals - 4 Year

Educators who are not eligible for additional extensions must renew their Resident Educator license for four more years to complete the Ohio Resident Educator Program. Please note that a license cannot be renewed until its expiration year.


Alternative Resident Educator license holders may not renew their license until they have successfully completed all coursework and the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) 004 Assessment of Professional Knowledge exam, required to advance to the professional license. Coursework completed to meet requirements of the Ohio Alternative Resident Educator licensure pathway will not count toward renewal requirements for an Alternative Resident Educator license. Additional coursework will be required to renew an Alternative Resident Educator license.


  • Three semester hours of coursework related to classroom teaching or area of licensure from an accredited two-year or four-year institution of higher education completed after the last issue date of the expiring license. Educators must complete all renewal coursework and submit their renewal application prior to October 1 of the expiration year of the license to be renewed, or the renewal requirement increases to six semester hours.

Renewal requirements are in place to keep educators abreast of best practices in the field and the latest research findings. Classroom dynamics change constantly, and continuing education helps teachers find new ways to reach students and help them succeed. All coursework must lead to new knowledge in the P-12 classroom and be related to student success, wellness or achievement. Renewal coursework must be relevant to classroom teaching or area of licensure. The Department will also consider coursework completed for an additional P-12 licensure area for renewal of an expiring license. Courses which provide credit for completing routine teaching duties and responsibilities and courses in which the curriculum is selected by the educator rather than the university will not be accepted, even if reflected on an official transcript from an accredited university. Please note that the Department DOES NOT pre-approve coursework. 


All candidates who request a standard Resident Educator license for Early Childhood, Primary Childhood, Middle Childhood or Intervention Specialist areas must successfully complete teaching of reading coursework2. This coursework includes:

  • Nine semester hours in the teaching of reading, AND
  • A three-semester hour course in the teaching of phonics (in the context of reading, writing and spelling).

Educators who hold a Resident Educator license with reading or phonics coursework limitations must complete the required coursework before renewing their teaching license. Coursework may be graduate or undergraduate level and must be completed through an accredited college or university. Official university transcripts reflecting the completed reading and phonics coursework AND additional renewal coursework must be submitted with the renewal application.

Instructions for Submitting Official Transcripts

Educators must submit their official transcripts from an accredited college or university. Please review the Instructions for Submitting Transcripts and short video tutorial before scanning and uploading transcripts.

  • Educators who prefer to mail their original, official transcripts must use the following address: 

    Ohio Department of Education
    Office of Educator Licensure
    25 S. Front Street
    Mail Stop 504
    Columbus, OH 43215

  • Coursework completed outside the United States. Educators who completed college coursework outside the United States must submit a course-by-course analysis from an approved international credential evaluation service

​​Background Checks

Candidates must have current background checks on file with the Ohio Department of Education.

Application Instructions

  • Access your OH|ID account.
  • Click Educator Licensure and Records (CORE).
  • Complete the online application to Extend or Renew from your CORE Dashboard.
  • See the CORE User Manual for complete instructions.

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1OAC 3301-24-23
2ORC 3319.24

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