Consistently High Performing Teachers

UPDATE: If a teacher’s evaluation was closed using the COVID Exemption, they may go back to the one or two years (depending on the number of COVID Exemptions used) prior to their current licensure cycle to possibly meet the four of five years “Accomplished” rating criteria. A teacher must still meet one of the additional criteria during their current licensure cycle.

The Consistently High Performing Teachers (CHPT) component in ORC 3319.22 was designed to exempt certain educators with professional, lead professional or senior professional teaching licenses from the requirement to complete any additional coursework for the renewal of a professional educator license for the next renewal cycle.

Each local professional development committee will indicate whether or not an applicant meets the eligibility criteria for the consistently high-performing teacher designation as they review professional licensure renewal requests.

Eligibility criteria

During the current licensure cycle, a consistently high-performing teacher has:
  1. Received the highest final summative rating on evaluations, as defined by Revised Code sections 3319.111 and 3319.112 where applicable, for at least four of the past five years; and
  2. Met at least one of the following additional criteria for at least three of the past five years:
  • Held a valid senior or lead professional educator license;
  • Held a locally recognized teacher leadership role that enhances educational practices by providing professional learning experiences at a district, regional, state or higher education level;
  • Served in a leadership role for a national or state professional academic education organization;
  • Served on a state-level committee supporting education; or
  • Received state or national educational recognition or award. 

Record keeping for teachers departing districts

Local professional development committees must keep good records for consistently high-performing teachers to ensure these individuals can easily renew their licenses. When such a teacher leaves a district, the local professional development committee should complete a verification form to confirm the individual's designation as a consistently high-performing teacher. A sample verification form and more details are here

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