Alternative Resident Educator Licenses

The alternative resident educator license is an accelerated pathway to classroom teaching. This pathway allows students, schools and communities to benefit from the candidates' content-related knowledge, life experience and successful career experience.  Ohio students can benefit from the rich knowledge base and successful career and life experiences of content experts in a variety of teaching fields.  As Ohio focuses on assuring a high-quality teacher in every classroom, it is important that a wide range of professionals are invited to bring their talents and expertise into our schools.

Available Alternative Licenses

The following alternative license types are available:

  • Designated subjects grades K-12
  • World languages grades P-12
  • Intervention specialist grades K-12

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Steps for Obtaining an Initial Alternative Resident Educator License

Step 1 - Request an alternative resident educator evaluation

Evaluation Request Application. The evaluation will outline the eligibility requirements (including exams and background checks) for the initial four-year alternative resident educator license. The evaluation is valid for one year from its original completion date. The $50 fee for the evaluation includes the original evaluation and any re-evaluations for originally requested teaching fields requested within one year of the original evaluation completion date. Please note that the evaluation form must be completed correctly and submitted with required transcripts and payment to avoid delays in processing. An additional $50 fee and evaluation request application is required for evaluation requests in additional teaching areas or after the one-year evaluation period for an initial request.
  • Official transcripts. Candidates must have a bachelor's degree with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher or a master's degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher from an accredited institution of higher education. Candidates submit all original, official transcripts with the evaluation request application. Transfer credits must be verified on transcripts from the originating institution.  College coursework completed outside the United States requires a course-by-course analysis from a Department approved international credential evaluation service
  • Licensure exams. Candidates must complete the following exam requirements prior to registering for an approved Alternative Licensure Institute.
    • Designated Subjects & Intervention Specialist Areas: Successful completion of the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) content assessment for the licensure area; OR 
    • World Languages: Successful completion of the ACTFL Language Testing International Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) for world language licensure areas. Candidates must score Intermediate High or higher. 
    • Please note: Candidates for alternative integrated language arts and intervention specialist licensure areas also must successfully complete the OAE 090 Foundations of Reading exam.
  • Background checks. Both a BCI and FBI background check less than 365 days old must be on file at the Ohio Department of Education prior to registering for an approved Alternative Licensure Institute.

Confirmation Registration Letter. Candidates must have a Department issued confirmation registration letter to enroll in an approved Alternative Licensure Institute, including the Intensive Pedagogical Training Institute (IPTI) or an Alternative Resident Educator Institute (AREI), before beginning Step 2. Candidates must contact the Office of Educator Licensure to request a confirmation registration letter for enrollment purposes if they have met the requirements (per the initial evaluation). Candidates may need to request a re-evaluation if it has been more than a year since their initial evaluation and they have not yet completed the Alternative Licensure Institute training.  

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step 2 - enroll in an approved alternative licensure institute

Candidates may enroll in an approved Alternative Licensure Institute, including the Intensive Pedagogical Training Institute (IPTI) or an Alternative Resident Educator Institute (AREI) approved by the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education, once they receive their Department issued confirmation registration letter.

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step 3 - statement of eligibility

Upon completion of an approved Alternative Licensure Institute, candidates will receive a statement of eligibility and updated evaluation. Candidates use their Department issued statements of eligibility to provide verification to an Ohio school or district of eligibility for the alternative resident educator license. Please note that candidates must upload their certificate of completion from an approved Alternative Licensure Institute to their OH|ID account and contact the Office of Educator Licensure to request their statement of eligibility.

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step 4 - apply online for the alternative resident educator license

Upon employment in an Ohio school or district, candidates apply for the alternative resident educator license (as listed on their statements of eligibility) through their OH|ID accounts. Please note that a candidate must have a Department issued statement of eligibility reflecting the subject area and code for which he or she is eligible to teach and secure employment in an Ohio school or district to teach under an alternative resident educator license before applying for the license.

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step 5 - advance to the professional license

Candidates must complete the following requirements to advance to the five-year professional license:

  1. Coursework.
    • Twelve semester (18 quarter) hours of professional education coursework, from an accredited college or university approved to prepare teachers, in the principles and practices of teaching, student development and learning, pupil assessment procedures, curriculum development, classroom management and teaching methodology, OR completion of a Professional Development Institute approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education; and
    • A three semester hour course in the teaching of reading in the content area for all subject areas except integrated language arts and intervention specialist licensure areas, which require successful completion of at least six semester hours in the teaching of reading (including at least one separate three semester hour teaching of phonics course). Please note that the reading coursework requirement is separate from the professional education requirement listed above;
  2. Licensure exam. Successful completion of the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) test #004 - Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Multi-Age (PK-12). Please note: An educator with an alternative resident educator license must take this exam during the second year of teaching under the license;
  3. Ohio Resident Educator Program. Candidates must complete all components of the Ohio Resident Educator Program; and
  4. Teaching experience. Candidates must have four years of successful teaching experience under the alternative resident educator license.
    • The candidate must upload a letter on district letterhead signed and dated by the employing superintendent or human resources director during the application process. The letter must state the grade levels and subjects taught during each year of employment.

Please note that if a candidate needs to extend or renew an alternative resident educator license to complete the teaching experience or the Ohio Resident Educator Program requirements, he or she must first complete all licensure exams and applicable coursework before applying for the renewal or extension. All of the above requirements must be completed before advancing to the professional license.

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Correcting the Employing School or District

Alternative resident educator license holders who transfer to a different school or district will complete the online application to CORRECT the alternative license to the new employer. 

  • The new hiring district will electronically e-sign the online application, so the educator must include the new employing school or district information.
  • The educator will submit a letter, on letterhead, signed and dated by the superintendent or human resource director of the former school or district, verifying the academic years worked under the alternative resident educator license and the subjects and grade levels taught. The letter must also verify that the educator is no longer employed in the school or district.  The educator will upload this letter during the application process.

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Responsibility for Maintaining and Advancing a Valid License

Alternative resident educator license holders are responsible for maintaining the validity of their licenses. License holders must keep current on requirement to advance to a five-year professional educator license as set forth in Ohio law.

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Application Instructions

  • Access your OH|ID account.
  • Click Educator Licensure and Records (CORE).
  • Complete the online application under Alternative Teachers and Administrators from your CORE Dashboard.
  • See the CORE User Manual for complete instructions.

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