Supplemental Teaching License for Endorsement Areas

The supplemental teaching license allows educators who hold a currently, valid standard Ohio teaching certificate or license to teach in a supplemental area, at the request of an employing Ohio school district, while they are in the process of obtaining standard licensure for that area. Applicants, schools and districts may download and print the Initial Supplemental License Application Checklist for guidance through the first steps of this licensure pathway.

Note: Once an educator has been issued a supplemental teaching license for a particular licensure area or teaching field, the educator must complete the supplemental licensure program or the equivalent and be issued a standard teaching license in that area, prior to requesting a supplemental teaching license in another area.

Please review the list of available supplemental endorsement types and teaching field codes before applying for the supplemental endorsement.

Initial Requirements

Educators must meet the following requirements before the Department will issue the initial one-year supplemental license:

  • Hold a currently valid, standard Ohio teaching certificate or license;
  • Successfully complete the content assessment for the licensure area; AND
  • Be employed in a teaching position requiring the supplemental licensure area in an Ohio school.

Please note that the employing school or district shall assign a mentor to the individual holding a supplemental teaching license. The assigned mentor shall be an experienced teacher who currently holds a standard teaching license in the same, or a related, content area as the supplemental license.

Requirements for Renewal

Educators may renew their one-year supplemental teaching license two times to allow completion of supplemental licensure program requirements. Educators must meet the following requirements before the Department will renew the one-year supplemental license:

  • Hold a currently valid, standard Ohio teaching certificate or license; and
  • Be employed in a teaching position requiring the supplemental licensure area in an Ohio school.

Eligibility for the Endorsement to be added to the Standard License

Educators must choose ONE of the supplemental program options below. All eligibility requirements for either option must be met before applying for the standard license. Applicants, schools and districts may download and print the Checklist for Advancing a Supplemental License for guidance through the steps to advance from a supplemental to standard license.


Option A requires completion of an approved, traditional teacher preparation program through an accredited college or university culminating in that institution's recommendation for licensure. 


Option B requires the following:

  • Work experience: Educators must provide verification from the employing school or district of successful completion of a minimum of two years of mentored teaching in the licensure area while holding the supplemental license for that area. Educators must submit a letter, on district letterhead, signed by the superintendent of schools or the human resource director verifying dates of full-time employment, assignments and grade levels for each year of employment under the supplemental license.

Educators who choose to complete Option B may request an evaluation by the Ohio Department of Education to determine which requirements must be completed for progression to the standard license. Educators may request the evaluation after they have been issued the initial supplemental license. 

Military Fee Waiver for Supplemental Evaluations 
Beginning November 11, 2022, the Ohio Department of Education has eliminated fees for supplemental evaluations to recognize the contributions of military families. The fee for an evaluation for an Ohio supplemental license or endorsement will be waived for candidates who are veterans with honorable discharges or current service members of all branches of the United States Armed Forces; the National Guard or Reserve; and the Ohio Military Reserve or Ohio Naval Militia (under the Ohio Adjutant General). Spouses of active duty service members also may receive an evaluation for a supplemental license or endorsement free of charge. Candidates must complete and submit the Military Fee Waiver Application form and the required military document or identification with their supplemental evaluation request application form.

Application Instructions

  • Access your OH|ID account.
  • Click Educator Licensure and Records (CORE).
  • Complete the online application from your CORE Dashboard. For an initial supplemental license, please select the Supplemental Teaching License - 1 Year application and then select the base license type that you currently hold from the Credential drop down (1 Year Supplemental Adolescence to Young Adult (7-12) License, for example). Then you will be able to select the Endorsement area for the supplemental license (TESOL, for example).
  • See the CORE User Manual for complete instructions.

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