Educator Pathways

There are a number of ways educators can engage and accelerate their learner-centered vision. Explore.

EXPLORE: Personalized Learning Online

On-demand resources are available for educators interested in learning at their own pace. In addition, there are regular opportunities to learn from peers who also are exploring personalized learning. 

These online resources help educators learn at their own pace. Educators can:

  • Develop foundational knowledge of personalized learning and spark interest in shifting traditional teaching and learning practices
  • Join virtual meetups with fellow educators to share ideas and ask questions

Learning Modules

All EXPLORE modules can be accessed through Ohio's Learning Management System.

Modules include:

  • Module 1: What is Personalized Learning? Explore the basic tenets of personalized learning as a basis for systems change toward equitable outcomes for learners.
  • Module 2: Why Personalized Learning? Explore why learning is personal and should be personalized.
  • Module 3: Beginning Your Personalized Learning Journey. Explore shifts in roles and mindsets for teachers, coaches and leaders and uncover highlights strategies for early implementation.

Additional Resources

Learn more from the following resources:

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