Personalized Learning in Action

Educator Testimony

Helping Students Thrive: Personalized Learning Unlocks Potential 

In school, we often see students who are able do great things but struggle. They might seem lazy, but it's not that simple. Sometimes, the way we teach fails them. We give them too much of the same thing, or things that are too easy. This makes them give up.

Personalized learning is a solution that worked for a student like Albert. He was smart but didn't do well. With personalized learning, we checked what he was good at and where he needed help. Albert did really well in most of the tests. Instead of avoiding extra work, he became a leader, helping others understand tough poems. This time, school helped Albert succeed and he felt valued. Personalized learning changed everything for him. It can do the same for others.

Transforming Education for Students: Heather Townley and Personalized Learning

Heather Townley, a teacher for over 20 years, sees big changes possible with the Ohio Personalized Learning Network. She wanted to help students avoid tough situations like prison by changing education. Now, as a personalized learning specialist in the network, she helps teachers and schools do better. She talks about why personalized learning is important, how traditional ways of teaching aren't working well and why students need something new. Personalized learning is about changing everything in education. It's about working together and learning from each other. Townley's job is to ask good questions and listen carefully. She believes personalized learning can bring real positive changes for students.

Demystifying Personalized Learning: A Closer Look with Amy S. Harker

Amy S. Harker, a Personalized Learning Specialist in Ohio's Northeast Region, addresses common misunderstandings about personalized learning. It's not about creating separate lessons for each student, relying solely on tech or being just another trend. With nearly 30 years of experience, Harker brings clarity to the concept. Personalized learning is about strategic teaching, where students take ownership of their paths. It doesn't demand constant tech use and tailors itself to each classroom's needs. Through her work, Harker has witnessed the positive impact of personalized learning, from better student understanding to more engaged collaboration.

Case Study

Shawnee Middle School

Located in Northwest Ohio, Shawnee Local Schools in Lima has a total K-12 enrollment of over 2,200 students. As a district, Shawnee Schools consistently exceeds Ohio’s state standards in academic achievement and graduation rates and significantly exceed state standards in closing educational gaps and early literacy. A group of Shawnee Middle School teachers formed a team through the Ohio Personalized Learning Network’s three pathways to EXPLORE, LAUNCH and TRANSFORM personalized learning in their classrooms after learning of the opportunity from a flier delivered to their mailbox. The Shawnee team has worked towards a more learner-driven approach to learning with students having voice and choice in their learning journey. Amy Azzarello, a 5th grade math teacher in her 24th year, described her shift to personalized learning as “amazing.” “When I teach a whole group lesson, it takes longer, many students lose interest and I end up having to assign homework. Through personalized learning, I’m getting more time to work with those that need one-on-one or small group attention during class, while other students are able to progress at a faster pace. I feel they are learning more and filling the gaps more than with traditional teaching.

School Tours

Perry School District

Perry Local School District serves approximately 1,800 students from Northeast Ohio. The Perry Learner Profile is the district’s vision for the student experience and the skills every student has the opportunity to demonstrate, master and showcase as strengths during their years at Perry Schools, from youngest learners to mastery by graduation. Personalized Learning at Perry has been refined by a team of teacher leaders, administrators and community members. As a community of learners, Perry Schools believes learning is personal and winnable. Learners must make meaning of the content and master durable life skills. Perry Local Schools is on a journey to create authentic and personalized learning options for students in hopes of more deeply engaging today’s learners and mastering the skills needed today for college, careers, citizenship and the military. Families are supported in identifying the learning environments best suited for their child. Learners are often asked three questions. Who am I becoming? What does this world need of me? What talents do I have to share with the world?

Mason City Schools

Mason City Schools serves over 10,000 students in Southwest Ohio. Their 3 Big Rocks represent the cornerstone of their Journey to 2030, the process by which they will orient themselves toward the future. It is a future where Mason students will learn, lead and change the world. Personalized Learning is one of the 3 Big Rocks that represent the Values which guide their Mission and Vision. They use the rocks to ground financial, operational and instructional decisions every day. Teams of educators, staff, students and community members have worked together for several years to refine their shared approach to using these rocks. Mason City Schools believes all learning is personal, everyone can learn and all learners can grow skills and mindsets to navigate challenges. Created and refined by teams of Mason City Schools teachers from all grade levels and content areas, the Personalized Learning Design Principles are the lens through which they view learning design. When they personalize learning, they put the learner at the center to plan and develop learning experiences. Each component is mindfully considered to help teachers create amazing experiences alongside learners.

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