First-Time Applicants

Requirements for Licensure

People applying for their very first license with the State Board of Education (first-time applicants) must meet certain requirements to obtain their licenses. In addition to requirements for the license, first-time applicants must pass a background check and be enrolled in the RAPBACK system

The following is a list of specific criminal offenses for which a conviction, judicial finding of guilt, or plea of guilty may disqualify an individual from obtaining an initial license. In accordance with the guidelines set forth, convictions to these offenses may be considered by the State Board of Education when determining whether to grant or deny licensure to first-time applicants. 

Disqualification may be overcome by holding a certificate of qualification for employment (CQE) issued under ORC § 2953.25 of the Revised Code or a certificate of achievement and employability (CAE) issued under ORC § 2961.22 of the Revised Code. Learn more about the CQE process here.

Upon official submission of an application for licensure, an investigation on behalf of the State Board of Education may be opened regarding allegations of conduct unbecoming to the teaching profession, including any convictions to disqualifying offenses. At the conclusion of the investigation, the results will be reviewed to determine whether legal grounds exist to initiate disciplinary action against your application for licensure, at which time the State Board of Education may act to deny licensure. Applicants must disclose all criminal convictions, diversions, and interventions in lieu of conviction, including expunged or sealed convictions, when applying for licensure. 

The resources on this page are meant for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney. 

Qualification Request

An individual who has been convicted of any criminal offense may request, at any time, that the State Board of Education determine whether the individual's criminal conviction disqualifies the individual from obtaining a license. If you are interested in the qualification request process, please complete and submit this form to  A qualification review may take up to 30 days. Current educators and active applicants should not submit this form and should instead wait to be reviewed under the application process. 

Disqualifying Offenses

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ORC Section 

Offense Name 


102.02 Financial disclosure statement filed with ethics commission  
102.021 Former state officials to report certain financial information  
102.03 Representation by present or former public official or employee prohibited  
102.031 Conflicts of interest of member of general assembly  
102.04 No compensation to elected or appointed state official other than from agency served  
959.131 Prohibitions concerning companion animals  
959.15 Animal fights  
959.16 Dogfighting offenses  
959.21 Sexual conduct with an animal  
1315.55 Additional prohibited activities (Money laundering)  


 Reporting child abuse or neglect 



 Aggravated murder  

Offense of Violence 



Offense of Violence 


 Voluntary manslaughter  

Offense of Violence 


 Involuntary manslaughter  

Offense of Violence 


 Reckless homicide  



 Negligent homicide 



 Aggravated vehicular homicide - vehicular   homicide - vehicular manslaughter 



 Aggravated vehicular assault; vehicular   assault 



 Felonious assault  

Offense of Violence 


 Aggravated assault  

Offense of Violence 



Offense of Violence 


 Negligent assault 



 Permitting child abuse  

Offense of Violence 


 Failing to provide for a functionally   impaired person 


2903.18 Strangulation Offense of Violence


 Aggravated menacing  

Offense of Violence 


 Menacing by stalking  

Offense of Violence 



Offense of Violence 





 Female genital mutilation 



 Patient abuse or neglect  

Subsection (A)(1) is Offense
of Violence


 Patient endangerment 



 Filing false patient abuse or neglect   complaints 




Offense of Violence 



Offense of Violence 


 Unlawful restraint   

Subsection (B) is Sexually Oriented Offense 


 (Former section) Interference   with custody (offense prior to July 1, 1996)  



 Criminal child enticement   

Subsection (B) is Sexually Oriented Offense 



Offense of Violence 





 Trafficking in persons   

Offense of Violence; Sexually
Oriented Offense 


 Unlawful conduct with respect to   documents 




Offense of Violence; Sexually 
Oriented Offense 


 Sexual battery   

Offense of Violence; Sexually 
Oriented Offense 


 Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor 

Sexually Oriented Offense 
"when the offender is less
than four years older than the other person with whom the offender engaged in sexual conduct, the other person did not consent to the sexual conduct, and the offender previously has not been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a violation of section 2907.02, 2907.03, or 2907.04 of the Revised Code or a violation of
former section 2907.12 of the Revised Code" or "when the offender is at least four years older than the other person with whom the offender engaged in sexual conduct or when the offender is less than four years older than the other person with whom the offender engaged in sexual
conduct and the offender
previously has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a violation of section 2907.02, 2907.03, or 2907.04 of the Revised Code or a violation of former section 2907.12 of the Revised Code." 


 Gross sexual imposition   

Offense of Violence; 
Sexually Oriented Offense 


 Sexual imposition   

Sexually Oriented Offense 



Sexually Oriented Offense 



Sexually Oriented Offense 


 Public indecency 

Sexually Oriented Offense 
when "violation of division
(B)(4) of section 2907.09 of the Revised Code if the sentencing court classifies the offender as a tier I sex offender/child-victim offender relative to that
offense pursuant to division
(D) of that section" 


 (former section)   Felonious sexual penetration  

Offense of Violence; 
Sexually Oriented Offense 


 Commercial sexual exploitation of a minor 



 Compelling prostitution  

Sexually Oriented Offense 


 Promoting prostitution   

Sexually Oriented Offense 


 Enticement or solicitation to patronize   a prostitute; procurement of a prostitute   for another  



 Engaging in prostitution 



 Soliciting – after positive   HIV test - driver’s license suspension  



 Loitering to engage in solicitation -    solicitation after positive HIV test  



 Prostitution – after positive HIV test  



 Disseminating matter harmful to juveniles  



 Displaying matter harmful to juveniles  



 Pandering obscenity   

Sexually Oriented Offense 


 Pandering obscenity involving a minor  

Sexually Oriented Offense 


 Pandering sexually oriented matter involving   a minor   

Sexually Oriented Offense 


 Illegal use of minor in nudity-   oriented material or performance   

Sexually Oriented Offense 


 Deception to obtain matter harmful   to juveniles  



 Compelling acceptance   of objectionable materials  



 Permitting unlawful operation of viewing   booths depicting sexual conduct 



 Permitting juvenile on premises of adult   entertainment establishment - use of false   information to gain entry 



 Illegally operating sexually oriented business 



 Aggravated arson  

Offense of Violence 



Offense of Violence 


 Disrupting public services 






 Soliciting or providing support for act of   terrorism 



 Making terroristic threat  




Offense of Violence 


 Criminal possession of chemical, biological,   radiological, or nuclear weapon or explosive   device 



 Criminal use of chemical, biological,   radiological, or nuclear weapon or explosive   device 



 Illegal assembly or possession of chemicals   or substances for manufacture of prohibited   weapons 



 Money laundering in support of terrorism 



 Aggravated robbery  

Offense of Violence 



Offense of Violence 


 Aggravated burglary  

Offense of Violence 



Subsection (A)(1), (2), or (3) is Offense of Violence 


 Breaking and entering  






 Tampering with coin machines  






 Unauthorized use of a vehicle  



 Unauthorized use of property – computer, cable,   or telecommunication property  



 Possession or sale   of unauthorized cable television device  



 Telecommunications fraud  



 Unlawful use of telecommunications device  



 Passing bad checks  



 Misuse of credit cards  






 Forgery – Forging identification cards   or selling   or distributing forged identification cards  



 Criminal simulation  



 Making or using slugs  



 Trademark counterfeiting  



 Medicaid fraud  



 Medicaid eligibility fraud 



 Tampering with records  



 Illegally transmitting multiple commercial   electronic mail messages (spamming) -   unauthorized access of computer 



 Securing writings by deception  



 Personating an officer  



 Defrauding creditors  



 Illegal use of food stamps or WIC program   benefits 



 Insurance fraud  



 Workers’ compensation fraud  



 Identity fraud 



 Receiving stolen property  


 2915.02 Gambling  


 Cheating - corrupting sports  



 Conducting illegal bingo 



 Inciting to violence  

Offense of Violence 


 Aggravated riot  

Offense of Violence 



Offense of Violence 


 Disorderly conduct 



 Telecommunications harassment 



 Inducing panic  

Offense of Violence 


 Making false alarms 


 2917.321  Swatting Offense of Violence


 Unlawful possession or use of   a hoax weapon of mass destruction  



 Improperly handling infectious agents 



 Abortion related to finding of down   syndrome 



 Unlawful abortion  



 Unlawful abortion upon minor  



 Unlawful distribution of an abortion-   inducing  drug 



 Unlawful performance of a drug-induced   abortion 



 Abortion manslaughter  



 Abortion trafficking 



 Dismemberment abortion 



 Partial birth feticide 



 Terminating or attempting to terminate   human pregnancy after viability 



 Nonsupport or contributing to nonsupport   of dependents 



 Endangering children  

Subsection (B)(1), (2), (3), or (4) is Offense of Violence; Subsection (B)(5) is Sexually Oriented Offense


 Misrepresentation relating to provision of   child care 



 Interference with custody (that would have   been a violation of 2905.04 prior to July 1,   1996) 



 Interference with custody 



 Interfering with action to issue or modify   support order 



 Contributing to unruliness or delinquency of   a child  



 Domestic violence  

Offense of Violence 


 Violating protection order 







Offense of Violence 


 Intimidation of attorney, victim, or witness   in criminal case   or delinquent child action proceeding 

Offense of Violence 








 Tampering with evidence 



 Falsification - in theft offense - to purchase   firearm 


 2921.22  Failure to report a crime or knowledge of a   death or burn injury  
 2921.31  Obstructing official business  


 Obstructing justice 


 2921.321 Assaulting or harassing police dog or horse or service dog  
 2921.33 Resisting arrest  
 2921.331 Failure to comply with order or signal of police officer  



Offense of Violence 


 Aiding escape or resistance to lawful   authority 



 Illegal conveyance of weapons, drugs or   other prohibited items onto grounds of   detention facility or institution 



 Harassment by inmate 



 Theft in office  

Breach of Fiduciary Duty 


 Having an unlawful interest in a public   contract 

Breach of Fiduciary Duty 


 Soliciting or accepting improper   compensation 

Breach of Fiduciary Duty 


 Dereliction of duty 


 2921.45  Interfering with civil rights  
 2921.51  Impersonation of peace officer or private   police officer  



As related to any other offense here listed 


 Attempt to commit an offense 

As related to any other offense here listed 



As related to any other offense here listed 


 Carrying Concealed Weapons  



 Possession of firearm in beer liquor permit   premises - prohibition, exceptions 



 Illegal conveyance or possession   of deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance or   of object indistinguishable from firearm   in school safety zone  



 Illegal conveyance of deadly weapon   or dangerous ordnance into courthouse – illegal possession or control in courthouse  



 Falsification of concealed handgun license -   possessing a revoked or suspended   concealed handgun license 



 Having weapons while under disability 



 Possession of deadly weapon while under   detention 



 Use of firearm or dangerous ordnance by   violent career criminal 



 Using weapons while intoxicated 



 Improperly handling firearms in a motor   vehicle 



 Improperly discharging firearm at or into   a habitation, in a school safety zone or   with intent to cause harm or panic   to persons in a school building or at   a school function  

Offense of Violence 


 Discharge of firearm on or near prohibited   premises 



 Unlawful possession of dangerous ordnance   – illegally manufacturing   or processing explosives  



 Failure to secure dangerous ordnance 



 Unlawful transaction in weapons 



 Possessing a defaced firearm 



 Improperly furnishing firearms to minor  



 Underage purchase of firearm or handgun 



 Possessing criminal tools 



 Hidden compartments in vehicles 



 Engaging in pattern of corrupt activity 



 Participating in criminal gang 



 Corrupting another with drugs  



 Trafficking, aggravated trafficking in drugs  



 Illegal manufacture of drugs – illegal cultivation of marihuana – methamphetamine offenses  



 Illegal assembly or possession of chemicals   for manufacture of drugs  



 Funding, aggravated funding of drug   or marihuana trafficking  



 Illegal administration or distribution   of anabolic steroids  



 Unapproved drugs - dangerous drug offenses involving livestock 



 Possession of controlled substances  



 Possessing drug abuse instruments  



 Permitting drug abuse  



 Deception to obtain a dangerous drug  



 Illegal processing of drug documents  



 Tampering with drugs  



 Abusing harmful intoxicants  



 Trafficking in harmful intoxicants – improperly dispensing   or distributing nitrous oxide  



 Illegal dispensing of drug samples  



 Counterfeit controlled substance offenses  



 Abuse of a corpse 



 Illegal distribution of or permitting children   to use cigarettes or other tobacco or   alternative nicotine products 



 Ethnic intimidation 



 Selling or donating contaminated blood 



 Contaminating substance   for human consumption or use   or contamination   with hazardous chemical, biological,   or radioactive substance – spreading false report of contamination  


 2933.52 Interception of wire, oral or electronic communications  
 2950.035 Unlawful work with or supervision of minors  
 2951.08 Conditions for arrest of person on probation or under community control sanction  
 3599.01 Bribery  
 3599.02 Bribery - offenses concerning voters or voting  
 3599.11 False voter registration - registration forms  
 3599.111 Per signature or per volume voter registration compensation prohibited  
 3599.12 Illegal voting  
 3599.14 Prohibited acts concerning declarations or petitions  
 3599.15 Purchase, theft, sale, destruction, or mutilation of petitions  
3599.16 Misconduct of member, director, or employee of board of elections – dismissal  
3599.20 Prohibitions concerning ballots generally  
3599.21 Prohibitions concerning absent voter's ballot  
3599.24 Interference with conduct of election  
3599.25 Inducing illegal voting  
3599.26 Tampering with ballots  
3599.27 Possession of or tampering with voting machine, automatic tabulating equipment, or marking device prohibited  
3599.28  False signatures  
3599.29  Possession of false records  
3599.33  Fraudulent marking or altering ballots or   election records  
3599.34  Prohibitions concerning destruction of   election records  
3599.36  Election falsification  


 Placing harmful or hazardous objects   in food or confection  



 Assisted suicide 



 Operating vehicle under the influence of   alcohol or drugs – OVI 



 Having physical control of vehicle while   under the influence 


 4511.20  Operation in willful or wanton disregard of   the safety of persons or property  


 Stopping after accident on public roads or   highways 



 Stopping after accident on other than public   roads or highways 


 4729.51  Selling, purchasing, distributing, or   delivering dangerous or investigational drugs  


 Reporting abuse, neglect or exploitation of   adult 


 A plea of guilty to, a finding of guilt by a jury or court of, or a conviction of an existing or former   offense of an ordinance of a municipal corporation or other jurisdiction that is substantially   equivalent to an offense listed herein.