Professional Conduct Procedures

The Office of Professional Conduct has jurisdiction to investigate allegations of misconduct by any person who holds, or has applied for, an educator credential issued by the State Board. Generally, these allegations involve criminal or professional violations. Each investigation begins as a referral from any number of sources, including school districts, children's services agencies, members of the school community, and the Rapback system. All referrals go through a rigorous review process. Investigations are only opened if the referral suggests that misconduct occurred.

If the investigation shows that misconduct occurred, the office initiates disciplinary action against the educator’s credentials. Disciplinary action can include the following: letter of admonishment, limitation, denial, revocation, stayed suspension, suspension, permanent limitation, permanent denial and permanent revocation. The office works with educators to resolve, or settle, disciplinary actions. If settlement is not possible, educators have the right to request an administrative hearing. 

Further information

For more information about the overall process, please see the following: 

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