Disciplinary Outcomes

The Superintendent of Public Instruction reviews the results of each investigation and determines, on behalf of the State Board, whether the results warrant initiating disciplinary action against the educator’s license or application for licensure. If the results of the investigation do not warrant a disciplinary action, the case will be closed. If disciplinary action is warranted, it will be initiated.

The Department and the educator can negotiate a disciplinary settlement. If settlement is not reached, the matter will proceed to an administrative hearing.

Possible Resolutions

  • Non-Disciplinary: The case closes with no disciplinary action against the educator.
  • Letter of Admonishment: The educator receives a written reprimand that is public record.
  • Automatic Revocation: For criminal convictions, such as sexual battery, robbery or drug trafficking, the educator permanently loses his or her license.
  • Voluntary Surrender: The educator gives up his or her license voluntarily and permanently.
  • Consent Agreement: The educator enters a legal agreement with the Ohio Department of Education outlining terms for bringing his or her license into good standing with the Department. Office of Professional Conduct staff work with the educator for the duration of the agreement to ensure all terms are satisfied.

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