Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) E-Signers

The online CORE licensure system enables educational service centers (ESCs), school districts and schools to request new LPDC registrations, and to update LPDC address and e-signer information. Once the information has been processed in CORE, it will automatically be reflected in the Department’s Ohio Educational Directory System – Redesign (OEDS-R) system.

LPDC Registration

If your LPDC is not already registered in CORE, please click here for LPDC registration instructions to properly register the LPDC as a unique organization with its own information retrieval number (IRN) apart from the school or district IRN.

LPDC Change Requests

It is the LPDC’s responsibility to maintain and update the LPDC roles when necessary. Examples of when to submit a change request include changing the LPDC coordinator or designees and adding or removing schools and buildings to the LPDC. Please note that the OEDS Administrator CANNOT make these changes. An active LPDC coordinator or LPDC coordinator designee must make all appropriate changes prior to leaving the district.

LPDC Change request instructions

Follow the directions below to complete a change request. Please note that a current LPDC e-signer must complete this process.

  1. Sign into OH|ID and click Educator Licensure and Records (CORE) to access your CORE Dashboard.
  2. Click on LPDC in the red ribbon at the top of the page.
  3. Select LPDC - Request/Manage from the drop down menu.
  4. At the top of the next page, click on the pencil icon under Change Request.
  5. Make ALL needed changes and select Submit for Approval at the bottom of the page.
Upon approval of your change request, you will receive an email. Any new e-signers will need to complete the Enroll Me step to enroll as an e-signer.

Enrolling as an E-Signer

Follow the directions below to complete the Enroll Me step after registering your LPDC or changing e-signers:

  1. Sign into OH|ID and click Educator Licensure and Records (CORE) to access your CORE Dashboard.
  2. Click on License E-Signer in the red ribbon at the top of the page.
  3. Select Action next to your LPDC organization, and then click Enroll as E-Signer.
  4. Click Save to confirm your enrollment.

Once enrolled, LPDC e-signers will receive emails when educators submit renewal applications. E-signers review submitted renewal requests through the License E-Signer section on the CORE Dashboard and electronically “sign” (approve or decline) these applications.

Please contact your support team member on the Regional LPDC Support Team for questions related to LPDC operations.


Last Modified: 11/30/2022 2:35:39 PM