Free, online professional development through the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce's Learning Management System (LMS)

Free Courses and Professional Development for Ohio Educators

Through the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce's LMS, educators have access to free courses and professional development opportunities, available anytime and anywhere.

What Courses Are Available?

The LMS provides a variety of free courses and professional development on important state education initiatives. Featured courses include:  For a full listing of current courses, click LMS Courses Chart

Who is eligible?

These professional development opportunities are available to any educator with an active Ohio, prekindergarten - 12, Department-issued license or permit or who has submitted an application for a State of Ohio education credential and who has fully set-up their OH|ID account*.

how do educators register?

To register and access these online courses, follow the three steps below.

  1. Go to and select 'login' at the top of the homepage.
  2. Sign with your OH|ID or MyOhio account.
  3. Find and click on the Learning Management System application; no additional passwords are required.*

After opening the LMS application through your OH|ID account, use the Course Catalog link found on your LMS homepage to browse and register for courses. (Alternatively, you may also access your OH|ID account here.)

*If the learning management system application is not an available application in your OH|ID account and you have an active license or have submitted your application for a license, please be sure you have completed the steps to fully connect your account to all education applications:

To fully connect your OH|ID account, please complete the Department of Education Profile Setup application if that application is appearing in your OH|ID portal, but the learning management system (LMS) application is not. It may connect immediately and the LMS application will be available by searching in your Dashboard or it can take up to 24 hours to connect (please allow 24 hours for the connection to occur). If the LMS application is not available after waiting 24 hours, please contact for additional assistance.

Professional Learning Resource: Guide to Personalizing Professional Learning for Educators

This guide was developed to support K-12 stakeholders with specific practices for modernizing teacher professional learning to be more timely, flexible and relevant. The primary intended audience is local school system leaders and administrators. This guide and the practices herein can also support other stakeholders: teachers, regional and state agencies, colleges of education, and others who develop, deliver or consume professional development for teachers and other educators.

For Ohio Department of Education Employees Only:

Access the LMS Design Services flyer for more information regarding services available to support your Office. 

Send questions to .

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