Establishing or Updating a Local Ohio Resident Educator Program


Personnel Requirements

Eligible schools/districts seeking to establish or update a Resident Educator Program must first determine if they have the necessary qualified personnel to begin the program. The school/district should meet the following personnel requirements:

  • Educator(s) assigned by the school/district to serve as mentor(s) must hold or have previously held (for retired teachers) the Ohio five-year professional educator, senior professional educator, lead professional educator or permanent educator license. These educators must also have completed the 12-hour state Resident Educator Mentor Academy. Read more about the requirements for and the role of a certified mentor here.
  • Educator(s) assigned by the school/district in OEDS serve in the role of program coordinator for the Resident Educator Program. Schools/Districts must update this role in OEDS when local program coordinators are reassigned. Read more about the requirements and the role of a program coordinator here.
  • Educator(s) assigned by the school/district serve in the facilitator role for resident educators who are participating in the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA). Read more about the requirements for and the role of a facilitator here.
  • Please note that in some districts/schools, the role of program coordinator, mentor, and facilitator may be held by the same person. 

Establishing OEDS Account and Assigning the Role of Program Coordinator

If these above personnel requirements are met, and if the organization is eligible, the next step is to establish an OEDS (Ohio Educational Directory System) account with the Ohio Department of Education. If the organization is already established in OEDS, it will have an assigned IRN (Information Retrieval Number). If not, then the organization will need to request an OEDS account. Please go here to begin the process of establishing an organization in OEDS.

Once an OEDS account has been established, the OEDS administrator will need to assign the role of “Coordinator-Resident Educator” in OEDS to a person in the organization. For help determining who this should be, please go here.

The person designated as program coordinator will need to establish an OH|ID account (if they don't already have one) so they can access the Resident Educator Program dashboard in CORE. For help in setting up an OH|ID account, please see this page.

Establish/Review Local Resident Educator Policies and Procedures

The organization's school leaders should meet to review and establish policies and procedures for their Resident Educator Program. This will ensure that everyone in the program has the same expectations and requirements.

2-Year Program Overview

Standards, Resources and Tools

For further guidance, visit these standards, resources and tools.

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