Eligibility and Designation of Program Coordinators

Eligibility Requirements for Program Coordinators

To participate in the program as a program coordinator, an individual must be selected by the school or district to serve in this capacity and be assigned the “Coordinator—Resident Educator Role” in the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS). 

Designation of Program Coordinators

Program coordinators work with administrators to provide program facilitation and fidelity. Program coordinators plan, implement and report on the Resident Educator Program, and facilitate the evaluation of the local program. Each local school or district will determine the number of program coordinators designated and the qualifications required for the position(s).

Program coordinators should refer to the Resident Educator Program Standards (found here) for information. Program coordinators must remain current of program expectations for resident educators and mentors. 

There is no required state training for program coordinators. They are encouraged to review all information provided for program coordinators on the webpage located here.

Year-Long Requirements

  • Support resident educators and mentors with relevant professional development activities in the mentoring years that ensure successful Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) completion during the performance years
  • Assist in designing and providing local professional development that is tailored to meet the individual needs of the resident educator. Program coordinators also facilitate communication among resident educators, mentors, facilitators, colleagues and principals throughout the year
  • Collaborate with appropriate stakeholders to facilitate the evaluation of the local Resident Educator Program and strive for continuous program improvement and growth

Summer and Fall Requirements

  • Work with administrators to select mentors. Suggestion: Use the Mentor Selection Tool (revised 2020) or a locally designed tool
  • Ensure new mentors complete the state Resident Educator Mentor Academy Day 1 and Day 2
  • Determine Resident Educator Program eligibility
  • Facilitate the assignment of mentors to each resident educator
  • Register resident educators in CORE. Click here for CORE reporting requirements
  • Provide orientation to resident educators, mentors, facilitators, colleagues and building leaders about program and district/school requirements. | Orientation PowerPoint (March 2022)
  • Maintain communication between resident educators, mentors, facilitators, colleagues and principals

Winter and Spring Requirements

  • Evaluate the Resident Educator Program.
  • Complete year-end reporting requirements as determined by your district/school in CORE by June 30. Click here for CORE reporting requirements.
  • Maintain communication among resident educators, mentors, facilitators, colleagues and principals.
  • Support resident educators and mentors as needed.

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