For Program Leaders

Thank you for your vital role in the Ohio Resident Educator (RE) Program!

The Ohio RE Program can be envisioned as a journey on a path of continued professional learning that leads educators to more effective practices and excellence in teaching. The two-year residency program consists of a system of support and mentoring to develop:

  • Relationships and Communications;
  • Equitable Practice;
  • Professional Growth and Development; and
  • Instructional Practice and Building Capacity.
the four parts of reflective practice that are listed above

Program Participation Requirements for Program Leaders

District and school leaders allocate resources (including time and scheduling) and support the success of the RE Program. District and school leaders support REs and mentors with relevant professional development activities and ensure successful completion of the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA). District and school leaders also work with the program coordinator to develop, implement and evaluate effective local RE Programs. A supportive program leader plays a key role in matching REs with the best mentor teachers and RESA facilitators, providing specific feedback and guidance and being accessible and responsive to the individual needs of these new teachers.   


  • Ensure the program coordinator has been assigned the role of the Coordinator-Resident Educator Program in Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS);
  • Work with program coordinators to select and assign mentors;
  • Ensure mentors complete the required 12-hour state training and certification;
  • Ensure facilitators complete the required LMS course "RESA Faciliation Training";
  • Ensure that RE are registered in CORE by Nov. 15;
  • Provide time for RE-mentor collaboration and observations;
  • Provide time for RE-facilitator collaboration;
  • Ensure relevant professional development for program coordinators, mentors and REs; and
  • Maintain communication between REs, mentors, RESA facilitators and program coordinators to assess program success and progress.


  • Provide time for RE-mentor collaboration and observations;
  • Support program coordinators, REs, RESA facilitators and mentors to assess program success and progress;
  • Maintain communication among REs, mentors, RESA facilitators and program coordinators;
  • Work with program coordinators to ensure year-end reporting requirements in CORE are completed by the end of the year; and
  • Guide development and implementation of an evaluation of the local RE Program using the RE Program Standards. 

Standards, Resources and Tools

For further guidance, visit these standards, resources and tools.

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