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Welcome to the Ohio Resident Educator Program!

The Ohio Resident Educator Program can be envisioned as the first steps on a professional pathway to continued professional learning, leading educators to more effective practices and excellence in teaching. The four-year residency program consists of a system of support and mentoring, assessing teacher learning, and exploring leadership within the profession. 


In the first two years of the program, resident educators, working collaboratively with their mentor, complete annual requirements through discussions and feedback. Mentors provide ongoing instructional support using self-assessment and goal setting, demonstrating use of authentic teacher work such as lesson planning, data analysis and assessment for reflection. In the third year, resident educators work with their facilitator who supports them as they prepare to submit a Lesson Reflection for the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA). Once they have successfully passed the RESA, they work with a colleague in their final year, exploring leadership opportunities or other district-determined activities. When the resident educator has completed four years of the program successfully and has passed the RESA successfully, they can apply to advance to the five year Professional License (see Finishing Residency for additional requirements for teachers who hold the alternative resident educator license). 

To learn more about the program requirements, program components and other relevant program information, please use the following links.

Getting Started in the Resident Educator Program

Requirements of the Resident Educator Program

Completing the Resident Educator Program

  • Resident educators may check their registration in the Ohio Resident Educator Program by logging in to their Department of Education Educator Profile and clicking on the "My RE Summary" from the "Important Links" box.
  • Finishing Residency 

More Information about the Resident Educator Program

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