Guiding Principles and Best Practices for Mentors

Guiding Principles

A major element of the Resident Educator Program is instructional mentoring. Each resident educator is assigned a mentor during the 2-Year Program. Instructional mentoring is focused on four mentoring components leading mentors to design professional growth activities that impact instructional practices.

Circular chart with four components: Relationships and Communication, Equitable Practice, Professional Growth and Development, and Instructional Practice and Building Capacity. Reflective Practice is in the center of the circle with arrows showing that it apples to all four sections.

Focused on these four components, mentors facilitate conversations, learning experiences and activities to build resident educators’ capacity for reflective practice. The Guiding Principles for Mentoring chart provides a conceptual map of the four components with examples of the knowledge, skills and dispositions within each component. Mentors apply these principles to the mentoring process and tailor the mentoring to the individual needs of resident educators.  


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Best Practices

Mentors are supported by local school leaders as they collaborate with each other and attend professional learning activities to foster their own growth and development. In turn, mentors provide structured activities and processes designed to promote the professional growth and development of new teachers. The Mentoring Practices for Growth and Professional Learning chart summarizes effective mentoring practices and shares tools and resources for both mentors and resident educators.

Mentors foster a deeper understanding of instructional practice in resident educators when they focus their mentoring on the teaching and learning cycle. Mentors promote reflective practice by applying the Resident Educator Program Mentor Standards, the Guiding Principles of Mentoring and the Best Practices for Growth and Professional Learning. These resources provide the tools for designing a mentoring plan for each resident educator.


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Standards, Resources and Tools

For further guidance, visit these standards, resources and tools.

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