Mentor Eligibility and Certification

Resident Educator Mentor Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the program as a mentor, individuals must meet the following qualifications:

  • Hold, or have previously held (for retired teachers), the Ohio five-year professional teaching license or an Ohio permanent license
  • Complete the district application process and be selected to serve
  • Successfully complete the 12-hour state Resident Educator Mentor Academy (see more details below)

Resident Educator Mentor Certification/Training

Registration for the Mentor Academy Training can be located in the Training and Registration application (STARS) within the OH|ID platform. Once logged into STARS, search the keyword Resident. You may also contact your local Educational Service Center (ESC) for available offerings.

At the conclusion of the academy, teachers receive certificates of completion designating they are now considered state-certified mentors. These designations are valid indefinitely. The Department does not maintain a list of all trained Mentors, so mentors must keep a copy of their certificate for future reference.

For more information on how to log in to the Training and Registration application (STARS), click here

Further Trainings Available to Resident Educator Mentors

  • Learning Management System (LMS) Courses
  • Advanced Mentor Training
  • Focused Mentoring I
  • Focused Mentoring II
  • Instructional Mentoring
  • To access LMS courses, go to your Ohio Department of Education OH|ID account. Once you are signed into your OH|ID account, choose Learning Management System and click on ok for "navigating to an external application". This will bring you to the department's Learning Management System (LMS). You may then choose the appropriate course from the Course Catalog.

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