Mentor Toolkit

The Resident Educator Program Mentor Toolkit is the foundation of the Mentor Academy Training for new mentors. The purpose of the toolkit is to provide guidance, resources and tools for mentors working with resident educators.

The tools are used to facilitate professional development and mentor convesations around the Teaching and Learning Cycle and the principles and best practices for mentoring. The work of the instructional mentor is to accelerate the resident educator's teaching practice to promote increased student achievement. 

Ohio Resident Educator Program Mentor Toolkit: This link opens the Toolkit in its entirety. You can access some tools and resources in the Toolkit by using the individual links below.

Guiding Principles for Mentoring ChartThe Guiding Principles for Mentoring chart provides a conceptual map of the four resident educator mentoring components with examples of the knowledge, skills and dispositions within each component. 

Mentoring Practices for Growth and Professional Development Chart: The Mentoring Practices for Growth and Professional Learning chart summarizes effective mentoring practices and shares tools and resources for both mentors and resident educators.

Collaborative Log (interactive): a tool designed to facilitate and record the discussions between the mentor and resident educator.

Ohio Continuum of Teacher Development: a tool based on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession (OSTP) that is used to analyze and place one’s practice on a continuum to understand achievement areas and areas for growth.

The Ohio Resident Educator Program Standards-at-a-Glance: a tool that provides a brief overview of the program standards to inform local implementation of the Resident Educator Program.

Mentor Standards-at-a-Glance: a tool that provides a brief overview of the professional practice for Mentors who support resident educators’ instructional practices in the Ohio Resident Educator Program.

Professional Growth Plan (interactive):  a form that is designed to align goal setting with individual and building needs based on the Self-Assessment form. This form is required by OTES 2.0 but may also be used in the Resident Educator Program

Self-Assessment Summary (interactive): a form that is designed to provide insights into strengths and areas for growth.

Mentor Reflection Questions: a series of questions and ideas to facilitate mentor/resident educator discussions within the ongoing Teaching and Learning Cycle which all discussions and analysis are based upon.

The Mentoring Language Tool: a chart developed by the New Teacher Center with conversation stems and questions to promote effective mentor conversations. 

Mentor Self-Assessment (coming soon): a one-page tool for mentors to assess their progress toward meeting mentor standards.

Teaching and Learning CycleThe content of mentoring includes the components of the Teaching and Learning Cycle

The use of these tools and the professional dialogue that ensues will accelerate teacher growth and development which will yield higher student achievement. The practices will also ensure readiness for the Resident Educator Summative Assessment to demonstrate that the teacher is equipped with the skills and practices necessary to be successful in the teaching profession.

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