Performance Assessment

Understanding the Assessment

The assessment used for the Ohio Resident Educator Program is known as the Resident Educator Summative Assessment, or RESA. The assessment is summative in nature and consists of one Lesson Reflection that requires resident educators to demonstrate reflection and decision making of their instructional practices.

The assessment is administered by TeachForward, a partner in education for the state of Ohio. To learn more specific information regarding the assessment such as task details, scoring information, support and feedback, please visit the following links:

The Role of the Facilitator during the Assessment Year(s)

The facilitator works with resident educators (REs) who are registered to take the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA). Resources that facilitators must be familiar with in order to provide effective and appropriate guidance to the RESA-takers they are supporting can be found on the Standards, Resources and Tools page (link at bottom of page).

Preparing for the Assessment

Resident Educators (REs) taking the summative assessment have participated in instructional and focused mentoring in the program. During this time, the RE received tailored support geared toward improving teacher reflection and decision making in classroom instruction. These skills help an RE prepare for the type of performance-based tasks they are expected to demonstrate on the RESA.

Taking the Assessment

Resident Educators (REs) take the assessment in their second year of the program.

REs who are not successful at passing the RESA are required to retake the RESA in the following year of the program if eligible.

Guidelines on Expiring Teacher Licenses Based on Unsuccessful RESA Attempts

Standards, Resources and Tools

For further guidance, visit these standards, resources and tools.

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