The Mentoring Years



Assigning Resident Educators an Instructional Mentor

During the initial years of the Ohio Resident Educator Program, resident educators are partnered with a state-certified instructional mentor by the local program coordinator.

Activities for the Mentoring Years

Resident educators work collaboratively with their mentor to complete the local Resident Educator Program requirements. Resident educators engage in activities that use self-assessment, goal-setting, and reflection and decision-making practices to demonstrate effective use of authentic teacher work such as lesson planning, data analysis, and analysis of student work and assessments. Instructional mentors and program coordinators work together to create specific activities for their resident educator that:

Each local program should have established policies and procedures that provide guidance regarding the activities to be completed during the mentoring years of the program. Resident educators and mentors should follow the directions provided by the local program coordinator to know what specific requirements are necessary in their district.

Additional Mentoring Resources and Tools

  • Mentor Toolkit
  • Mentor Academy Update: a voiced-over presentation updating mentors certified prior to 2018
  • Online mentor-specific learning modules
    • Advanced Mentor Training
    • Focused Mentoring
    • To access either of the above modules, please go to your Ohio Department of Education OH|ID account. Once you are signed into your OH|ID account, choose Learning Management System and click on ok for "navigating to an external application". This will bring you to the department's Learning Management System (LMS). You may then choose the appropriate course from the Course Catalog.
  • Focused Mentoring Sample Activities and Template
    • Download and unzip this folder to access eight sample focused mentoring activities as well as a focused mentoring activity template.
  • Mentor Standards

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