Ohio Teacher Leadership Toolkit

Ohio Teacher Leadership Toolkit

The Ohio Teacher Leadership Toolkit includes tools and resources to support schools, districts and educators in teacher leadership initiatives. The Toolkit helps districts:

  • reflect on current teacher leadership strategies, while building on their success,
  • choose strategies to initiate or advance teacher leadership within districts, and
  • identify teacher leadership goals.

The Ohio Teacher Leadership Toolkit is organized using the Ohio Teacher Leadership Process Model.

The Ohio Teacher Leadership Process Model resource provides educators with resources and tools that support formal and informal teacher leadership initiatives at the district, school, and teacher level. This resource is organized around three processes (i.e., Design, Implement and Monitor). The Process Model resource provides descriptions of all tools and resources found within the Ohio Teacher Leadership Toolkit.

Teacher Leadership Process Model - Design, Implement, MonitorTeacher Leadership Process Model - Design Teacher Leadership Process Model - Implement Teacher Leadership Process Model - Monitor

The three processes (or phases) of the Toolkit are defined below. Schools, districts and educators are encouraged to review the Ohio Teacher Leadership Process Modelresource to determine access points for the Toolkit. 

Part 1: Design. During this phase, district- and school-level staff and maybe potential stakeholders develop a vision for the teacher leadership initiative or role by identifying its purpose, structure and goals. Individual or groups of teachers may also develop a plan to initiate action in one of the teacher leadership components in a more informal capacity.

Part 2: Implement. Once a common vision for the teacher leadership initiative or role has been established, staff implement it, encompassing policies and strategies that support teacher leadership. During this phase, individual teachers may take part in implementing a formal teacher leadership initiative or may initiate informal teacher leadership activities.

Part 3: Monitor. During this phase, those involved in the teacher leadership initiative develop progress monitoring strategies and tools to track the progress and impact of the teacher leadership initiative. Individual teachers may monitor their own progress or their students’ progress that stem from formal or informal teacher leadership activities.

*The resources and tools included in the process model are notated to indicate which component of the Ohio Teacher Leadership Framework is addressed in each document (see the Icon Key below for each component’s corresponding symbol).
Teacher Leadership Process Model Key

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