9-12 District
Test Coordinator

9-12 District
Test Coordinator

New! Ohio English Language Proficiency Screener (OELPS)


New! OELPS 2019-2020 

Ohio’s official screener, the OELPS, is required for English learner identification for all public schools, including community schools, to administer at no cost to the district. Vendor screeners may be used for functions other than English learner identification. Districts may administer the OLEPS at any time during the administration window through July 10, 2020.
OELPS is locally scored which means districts will score the constructed-response items on the speaking and writing tests. All other items will be scored by machine immediately after the response has been submitted. The scores will be merged for the final score. Local scoring will ensure timely identification of English learners.

NEW! Requesting Exceptions to Online Testing 

The OELPS is online; however, there will be a paper format for those students who are unable to use the online format. Paper tests must be ordered when the enrolled students’ needs become identified. The following are situations where districts may be eligible for paper testing:
  1. A district or school with students who will require the use of paper test forms as an accommodation documented in an IEP or 504 plan or due to a student’s religious or cultural beliefs; or
  2. A district or school that lacks the required technology infrastructure to test all students online, including schools that:
    1. Are new to state testing and verify a lack of technology to test all students online; or
    2. Experience a change in the district’s or school’s technology system that impacts capacity to test all students online.
Districts must email Paula Mahaley at paula.mahaley@education.ohio.gov to place the order for the OELPS paper format. Orders cannot be placed through TIDE. Districts are not permitted to order multiple copies of the paper format to store until it is known that a student needs to be screened since the OLEPS is a secure test.

New! Test Administration Manual 

It is critical that the test administrator review the manuals prior to administering the OELPS. The 2019-2020 OELPS Test Administration Manual is available on the portal. Additional OELPS manuals are located on the portal. 

New! Scoring the OELPS 

Districts locally hand score the OELPS constructed-response items in the speaking and writing domains. All other items will be scored by machine immediately after the response has been submitted.
In Step Two, the test administrator scores the speaking questions using the 2018-2019 ELPA21 Screener Step Two Speaking Scoring Document. Step Two hand scoring is completed while the student is taking the OELPS.
It is important that the test administrators read the Teacher Hand Scoring System User Guide before starting the OELPS. In Step Three, the test administrator scores the speaking questions using the scoring rubric presented in the THSS. Directions for the hand scoring and the rubric are on page 7 in the THSS User Guide. Please note the Step Three rubrics are specific to the items which is why the rubrics are not posted on the portal. Step Three hand scoring is completed after the student logs off. The test administrator must log out of the TA Interface and must log in to the THSS. Failure to score the student responses in Step Three will delay the results being reported in the Online Scoring System.

New! Practice Test 

There is no practice test for the OELPS. Test administrators who would like to review the screener items and the online functions should review the OELPA practice site for test administrators. Test administrators should not log in the OELPS as a practice session and use student names. This action could be a potential security violation. The OELPS is a secure state test for Steps Two and Three.

Out-of-state Transfer Student 

An enrolled student from an out-of-state school who did not meet the previous state’s EL exit criteria is considered an EL in Ohio and is required to take the OELPA and the state tests. A student from an out-of-state school who met the previous state’s exit criteria is not considered an EL in Ohio.