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Test Coordinator

Ohio's State Tests (OST)


Reminder: Online Reporting System (ORS) Limited Reopening for Item Analysis Data ENDS January 14

Jan. 14 is the last day the ORS will be open to allow authorized users to access and download item analysis data from Spring 2021 and earlier Ohio’s State Tests (OST) administrations. Item analysis data will no longer be available for OST administrations prior to Summer 2021 as the ORS will be permanently offline effective Jan. 15.
The Summer 2021 OST administration and all subsequent test administrations report item data in the Centralized Reporting System (CRS). The item level data in the CRS have additional features including state level aggregates and improved report exports that were not available in the ORS. For more information about the CRS, please review the Centralized Reporting System Resources in the Resources section of the test portal.

English Language Arts Practice Test Updates

In preparation for the upcoming writing operational field test, the English language arts practice test materials are being updated. The practice writing item instructions and rubrics are being revised to match those that will be used in the operational field test, allowing students to practice with items that are similar to those they will encounter during spring testing. Updates include the online practice tests available in the practice test site, the scoring guides and paper practice materials. These updates are available beginning Jan. 17.

Translated Individual Student Reports

Translated Individual Student Reports (ISRs) in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Kinyarwanda, Nepali, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish and Vietnamese for the Ohio’s State Tests (OST) are now available in the Centralized Reporting System (CRS) for Fall 2021 results. The CRS User Guide and CRS Quick Guide have been updated with instructions on how to use this feature. If you have additional questions, contact the Ohio Help Desk at OHHelpdesk@cambiumassessment.com or 1-877-231-7809.

2021 Fall Grade 3 English Language Arts Family Reports

Printed family reports are due in districts on Jan. 24 for on-time results. Family reports are not printed for students whose scorable test booklets were returned late (late batch results posted on Dec. 30) or were not returned according to procedures, causing the records to be discrepant. Districts may access the CRS to print an Individual Student Report (ISR) for these students. Discrepant records must be resolved for the score to report in the CRS.

2022 Spring English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies Tests

On-Time Order Window: All districts wishing to place an on-time paper order must do the following in TIDE under the appropriate “Paper Orders Spring 2022” administration in TIDE during the Spring 2022 on-time order window Jan. 18-24:
  1. Confirm contact information and shipping addresses under the Contact Info task.
  2. Indicate pickup date for paper test materials in the “Supplemental Information” task in TIDE.
    • If the district does not know its pickup date, leave the date blank and click [SAVE] administrations.
  3. Access the Search for Orders:
    • Districts with a Grade 3 Board Resolution: must click [SAVE] in the Search Orders screen to receive one test booklet for each grade 3 student preidentified in TIDE as of Jan. 24. The test booklet counts shown on the “Board Resolution – Grade 3 ELA Test Booklets” and the “Board Resolution – Grade 3 Mathematics Test Booklets” rows are updated each night.
Review the Spring 2022 Test Administration Manual for additional information about paper orders.

Printed Pre-ID Labels: Deadline for submitting Pre-ID data to receive printed Pre-ID labels for testers entered with a test mode of “P” for paper is Jan. 24.
Delivery of On-Time Materials: Districts will receive their on-time order materials on March 7.