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Test Coordinator

Ohio's State Tests (OST)


Spring Item Release

Released items from the spring 2022 administration of Ohio’s State Tests will be available in the Practice Test Site on each of the test portals at the end of June. These items give educators insight into the kinds of questions students experienced and can inform classroom instruction and assessment. Teachers and families can use the items to help students know what to expect during state testing. 
Included with the released items are the associated scoring guides. Item Release Scoring Guides contain each item’s alignment to the learning standards, answer keys, scoring rubrics, sample student responses, notes on scoring and rationales that describe why response options are correct or incorrect. The scoring guides also contain information about depth of knowledge for mathematics, English language arts and social studies and cognitive demand for science. The ELA scoring guides will also contain the writing rubrics that were updated for clarity only; no content has changed. Due to ELA spring field testing, item-level data will not be available for spring 2022 ELA test results. However, the ELA scoring guides will also include state item-level data for the released items.

Finishing Up Spring Testing

Results: Results for the spring tests are available in the Centralized Reporting System (CRS) on the following dates:
  • Grade 3 English language arts tests (online and paper): June 15.
  • Grades 4-8 and high school ELA tests (online and paper): June 20.
  • All other content areas’ paper scorable documents returned on time: June 20.
  • Breach forms and late-return paper tests: June 24.
Reminder: Mathematics, science and social studies online tests posted on May 10.
Item-Level Data: Item-level data will be available for mathematics, science and social studies tests in spring 2022. Due to ELA operational field testing, item-level data will not be available for spring 2022 ELA test results. Districts will still receive reporting category-level data and writing dimension data. Item-level data for ELA will resume beginning with the summer 2022 test results and will be available for future test administrations. State item-level data will be provided in the spring 2022 ELA released item scoring guides.
Rescores and Verifications: Districts may submit rescore and verification requests in TIDE from June 1 to July 22. Review the Rescores and Verifications Guidance document for instructions.
Discrepancy Resolution: Districts will have an opportunity to resolve discrepant records in TIDE beginning June 15. Review the Discrepancy Resolution Guidance document for instructions. Districts are required to resolve discrepant records for the score to be reported in the Centralized Reporting System.

Summer Testing Reminders

Test Windows:  The summer 2022 test administration windows are as follows:
  • Grade 3 ELA: June 27-July 1.
  • End-of-Course (EOC) ELA, mathematics, science and social studies: June 27-July 8.
Summer testing is optional. Students, schools and districts may elect to participate or not.
Summer 2022 Test Administration Manuals are now located on the test portal. Refer to the Online Testing Highlights and Script in Appendix L of the Summer 2022 Test Administration Manual (TAM) when administering an online test. Refer to the Summer 2022 Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing manual when administering a paper grade 3 test or a high school braille test.
Score Report Labels: Districts that wish to receive a set of score reporting labels for the summer 2022 grade 3 ELA and high school EOC test administration must enter their requests in the “Score Reporting Label Request” task in TIDE by July 8.
Grade 3 Materials: Districts that placed an on-time order will receive materials on June 20. The additional order window is open in TIDE June 20-29 for districts that wish to place an order for paper materials. All orders are subject to Ohio Department of Education (Department) approval. District test coordinators will place orders under the “Paper Orders Grade 3 Summer 2022” administration in TIDE.
HS Braille Materials: The summer end-of-course test administration is an online administration. Districts may request braille test booklets by calling the Ohio Help Desk at 1-877-231-7809.

Early Reporting for Summer Mathematics, Science and Social Studies Tests

In response to district and stakeholder feedback, the Office of Assessment worked with the test vendor to accelerate the release of many student performance results. Preliminary results will be available in the Centralized Reporting System (CRS) for summer high school mathematics, science and social studies assessments earlier than ever before. These results will be available beginning July 18. With early reporting, districts have the benefit of receiving actionable data that can aid in intervention programs; evaluation of student progress and planning for the following school year.

Final Administration of the English Language Arts I Test

House Bill 166 (2019) eliminated the English Language Arts (ELA) I test as a required test for high school students in the classes of 2023 and beyond. For the last several years, the ELA I test has been made available for students in the classes of 2022 and prior to take and/or retake as necessary to satisfy Ohio’s graduation requirements for their class. The final administration of this test will be the spring 2023 test administration.

OGT Final Administration Date

The 2021-2022 school year is the final administration of the OGT. The last day to administer the OGT is June 30 before the test window permanently closes. Systems information and additional resources are in the Ohio Graduation Tests Resources section of the test portal.