K-8 District Test

K-8 District Test

NEW! Ohio’s State Tests – English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science


Spring 2019 

NEW! Test Windows 

Please note that for spring 2019 there are two test windows; one for the English language arts tests and one for the mathematics and science tests. Districts will schedule their 15-consecutive-school-day English language arts test administrations during March 25-April 26. Districts will schedule their 15-consecutive-school-day mathematics and science test administrations April 1-May 10. Make-up testing must be completed within each of the district’s 15-consecutive-school-day test windows. The Important Dates page on the portal includes a summary of key dates.

NEW! Score Report Labels 

Districts that wish to receive a set of spring 2019 Ohio’s State Tests score report labels must access the Score Report Label Requests task in the Ohio’s State Tests 2018-2019 administration in TIDE, select “Yes,” and click “Save” by May 10. All districts automatically receive printed Family Reports. If your district does not want to receive score report labels, no action is required.

Pre-ID Window and On-time Order Window 

Districts must ensure all participating students are preidentified in TIDE in advance of the test window and have the appropriate subject mode field set to “O” for online and “P” for paper. Refer to the Guidance Document for 2018-2019 Ohio Pre-ID Files on the portal for more information. 

Preparing for the Spring 2019 Administration 

Districts should review and familiarize themselves with the following manuals, guidance documents and other resources that are available on the portal resources page to prepare for a successful administration:
  • Administration Manuals & Guidance Documents – Test Administration Manual (includes policies and procedures, Test Coordinator Checklists, Online Testing Highlights and Scripts, and testing scenarios), Ohio’s Accessibility Manual and Planning Tools and the Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing;
  • Online Systems Resources – TIDE Support Documents, ORS Support Documents, User Guides and Tutorials;
  • Technology Resources – Online Systems Requirements, Technical Specifications Manual and Secure Browser Installation Manual.
These and other resources are available on the Ohio's State Tests portal.