Kindergarten Readiness Assessment - Literacy (KRA-L)

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has developed a brief assessment tool, the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment – Literacy (KRA-L), that helps teachers identify early reading skills. The KRA-L is required of all children entering kindergarten in public schools for the first time. It is not required for children being retained in kindergarten.

The assessment measures skill areas important to becoming a successful reader. It also helps teachers plan for experiences and lessons that encourage reading.

KRA-L Policy Paper

Dates for Administering the KRA-L

Effective March 31, 2007, Ohio law states that the KRA-L must be administered no sooner than four weeks prior to the start of school, but not later than Oct. 1. School administrators must report individual student composite scores for KRA-L via the Education Management Information System (EMIS) during the October K reporting period and maintain individual score sheets with the child's records.

General Information and Resources

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District Data Reports and Score Interpretation
Interactive KRA-L Power User Reports - Click on this link to view annual KRA-L data reports from Fall 2005 through Fall 2010, including data disaggregated by student demographic characteristics at both the district and state levels. On the Power User Report page, scroll to the bottom and click Begin, then click on Early Learning Tests.
Aggregate Data Reports and Related Resources (All documents below are in PDF format.)

Guidance About Kindergarten

Requirements and related information about kindergarten attendance and administration. Topics covered are curriculum, length of school year, dates by which children must be age 5 before entering kindergarten, kindergarten schedules (half-day and full-day) by county and district, and health and developmental screenings.

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