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Applicants sought for list of approved assessments


The Office of Assessment has posted the annual Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the List of Approved Assessments. Applications are sought in the following areas: 

  • Comparable Assessments to Ohio’s K-3 Diagnostic Assessment for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee (K-3 Diagnostic) 
  • Comparable Assessments to Ohio’s K-3 Diagnostic Assessment for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee with Dyslexia Screening (K-3 Diagnostic/Dyslexia Screener)  
  • Tier One Dyslexia Screening Measure (Dyslexia Screener)  
  • Alternative Standardized Assessment for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee (Alt Reading)  
  • Alternative Standardized Assessment for Grades 3-8 (Alt 3-8) for Chartered Nonpublic Schools  
  • Alternative High School Assessments for Graduation (Alt HS) for Chartered Nonpublic Schools  
  • High Quality Student Data (HQSD)  
  • Gifted Prescreening and Identification (Gifted Assessment)  

Vendors may apply for approval in a single or multiple areas. This common approval process has replaced prior approval processes that required separate applications though multiple offices. The current approved list allows district decision-makers to determine whether assessments they are purchasing for one purpose may also provide data for another.  

This year’s RFQ includes two categories of Tier One Dyslexia Screening Measures for use in meeting new universal screening requirements. Vendors can seek approval for an instrument that embeds the dyslexia screening in an assessment used for K-3 Diagnostic for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. They can also submit instruments used only for the screening.  

Information about the application process is available at List of Approved Assessments. A vendor call will be held on March 15th. Applications are due to the Department by March 25th.