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Submit grade 3 paper testing resolution for 2022-2023 by May 1


Ohio law allows districts the choice of paper or online test administration for the third-grade state assessments. A district board of education or governing authority must make the choice to use paper tests and submit a board or governing authority resolution by May 1.

Each district’s superintendent and test coordinator will receive a secure link from Cambium Assessment. Personnel should use this link to complete a survey and submit the approved resolution for third graders to take the assessment in paper format for English language arts, mathematics or both. If a school’s board or governing authority has decided to administer paper tests in 2022-2023, a PDF version of the resolution must be uploaded via the secure link by May 1.
Districts and community schools do not need to respond to this survey if they meet one of these criteria:

1.  The district or school gives only online tests to third graders. Please note, if a district or school continues to administer the tests online, paper accommodations still are available as accessibility features. See descriptions of these in Ohio's Accessibility Manual. A board or governing authority resolution regarding accommodations is not required.

2.  The district or school does not test third graders. 

For policy questions, please contact For questions about accessing the survey and uploading a resolution, please contact Cambium Assessment at