Translated Family Reports for OELPA Results

Schools districts have an obligation to identify and provide meaningful communication with Limited English Proficient (LEP) parents in a language they can understand. LEP parents are parents or guardians whose primary language is not English and who are limited in either speaking, listening, reading or writing, as defined in federal law.

To notify LEP parents about their student’s achievement on the Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA), schools may download the translations below. The translated OELPA Parent Reports are in the state’s top five languages: Spanish, Somali, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. A survey of parents determined these languages. Districts also will find the template in English for each translation.

For languages not listed above, districts may collaborate to translate the OELPA Parent Report and provide qualified language assistance services to LEP parents. As a service, the Southwest Ohio Title III Consortium offers an OELPA Family Report 2016 in several other language translations. The documents are accessible on a shared site.

Last Modified: 6/19/2019 2:54:54 PM