Test Administration Resources for Ohio's State Tests

These resources relate to state tests in English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. They will assist educators who serve as test coordinators, test administrators and technology specialists at school districts.  

Ohio's State Test Portal

The test portal is the gateway to state test administration systems and resources for:

TIDE for Online Administrations

The Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) system stores student demographic information and provides authorized users with tools for administrative tasks. 


Note: Although most information remains consistent across testing periods, the Department and Cambium Assessment update many of the resources below during the months preceding each test administration.


District Test Coordinator Checklist -

This month-by-month timeline suggests activities for district and building test coordinators to prepare for – and oversee the administration of – both paper and online tests. 

Test Administrator Checklist -  

Test administrators should follow this suggested timeline of activities to prepare for a smooth administration of paper and/or online tests. 

Policies and Procedures 

Test Administration Manual -  The Test Administration Manual (TAM) replaces what was formerly the Test Coordinator's Manual and Directions for Administration Manual. Test coordinators and test administrators must review this manual prior to the test administration. The TAM includes key information regarding scheduling, test security, student Pre-ID and test eligibility, staff responsibilities, test status requests and other important policies and procedures.

The TAM also includes a series of appendices that can be downloaded as part of the TAM or separately. The appendices cover important policies and procedures regarding oral translations, human read-aloud administrations, calculator policies and breach administrations. 

Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing

The Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing manual covers policies and procedures specific to administering Ohio’s State Tests on paper. This manual is a supplement to the Test Administration Manual, which applies to students testing online and on paper.  Test coordinators and test administrators testing students on paper must review the information in this manual prior to testing.

Online Testing Highlights and Script (formerly the Online Testing Checklist)

Test administrators must use this document when administering Ohio’s State Tests online. It includes step-by-step directions, the oral script that test administrators must read aloud (printed in bold letters), descriptions of test settings and accommodation codes, and troubleshooting tips.

Ohio’s Accessibility Manual

Describes accessibility policies as well as the related features of Ohio’s State Tests available for all students, students with disabilities, students who are English learners and students who are English learners with disabilities. 

Guidance for Special Testing Scenarios

Describes how to handle situations such as students who receive services outside their home districts, receive state scholarships, move to different districts, enroll in Internet-based schools, attend educational service centers, require medical waivers and more. 


Test Administrator Certification Course

This interactive video allows district testing personnel (test administrators, test coordinators and technology specialists) to preview the online testing platform. (See the Online Systems Resources folder on the test portal.) New and experienced test personnel should review the course each year and use the Certification Course Companion Document to learn Ohio-specific information. 

Test Administrator User Guide Explains how to use the Test Administrator Interface and Test Administrator Practice Site to proctor online and practice tests. It explains tools available to students, online testing rules and the secure browser. 


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