Testing-Related Links to Ohio Revised and Administrative Codes

Listed below are links to testing-related sections of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) and the Ohio Revised Code (ORC).

Links to Chapter 3301-13 of the Ohio Administrative Code are listed first. Relevant links to the Ohio Revised Code follow.

Ohio Administrative Code

  • 3301-13-01 Defining terms and establishing statewide tests
  • 3301-13-02 Administering required state tests at the designated grades
  • 3301-13-03 Participation of students with disabilities
  • 3301-13-04 Provisions for waivers
  • 3301-13-05 Test security
  • 3301-13-06 Scoring and reporting
  • 3301-13-07 Fairness sensitivity review committee
  • 3301-13-08 Provisions for oral administration of tests required for graduation
  • 3301-13-09 Exemptions for adults with disabilities
  • 3301-13-10 Students with disabilities in chartered nonpublic schools
  • 3301-13-11 Temporary exemptions of English-limited students
  • 3301-7-01 Standards for the ethical use of tests
  • 3301-41-01 Standard for issuing an "Ohio High School Equivalence Diploma"
  • 3301-44-06 College and high school graduation credit; postsecondary enrollment options

2012-2-13 Review of OAC Testing Rules

The rules for state assessments are currently being reviewed and revised, in accordance with Ohio law that requires OAC rules to be reviewed on a five-year cycle. The Office of Assessment presented to the State Board of Education’s Achievement Committee the office’s proposed revisions to the OAC rules at the board's June 2012 meeting. Stakeholders (district superintendents, principals, testing and curriculum staff) who might be affected by the changes in rule are invited to review and provide feedback. If you disagree with any of the proposed changes in the document below, please send your comments to Paula Mahaley at paula.mahaley@education.ohio.gov.

Ohio Revised Code

  • 3301.0710 Ohio graduation tests
  • 3301.0711 Administration and grading of tests; use of results; intervention services
  • 3313.603 High school graduation requirements; advanced work
  • 3313.61 Diploma or honors diploma

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