Testing-Related Links to Ohio Revised and Administrative Codes

Listed below are links to testing-related sections of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) and the Ohio Revised Code (ORC).

Links to Chapter 3301-13 of the Ohio Administrative Code are listed first. Relevant links to the Ohio Revised Code follow.

Ohio Administrative Code

  • 3301-13-01 Defining terms and establishing statewide tests
  • 3301-13-02 Administering required state tests at the designated grades
  • 3301-13-03 Participation of students with disabilities
  • 3301-13-04 Provisions for waivers
  • 3301-13-05 Test security
  • 3301-13-06 Scoring and reporting
  • 3301-13-07 Fairness sensitivity review committee
  • 3301-13-08 Provisions for oral administration of tests required for graduation
  • 3301-13-09 Exemptions for adults with disabilities
  • 3301-13-10 Students with disabilities in chartered nonpublic schools
  • 3301-13-11 Temporary exemptions of English-limited students
  • 3301-7-01 Standards for the ethical use of tests
  • 3301-41-01 Standard for issuing an "Ohio High School Equivalence Diploma"
  • 3301-44-06 College and high school graduation credit; postsecondary enrollment options

Ohio Revised Code

  • 3301.0710 Ohio graduation tests
  • 3301.0711 Administration and grading of tests; use of results; intervention services
  • 3313.603 High school graduation requirements; advanced work
  • 3313.61 Diploma or honors diploma

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