Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Rule Comments

Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Rule Comments

The Ohio Department of Education staff drafts and edits administrative rules, which have not yet been formally proposed for adoption by the State Board of Education or the state superintendent. During the initial drafting of rules, every effort is made to solicit input from affected organizations and individuals. Upon posting the draft rules, the Department sends out e-notification alerts to interested parties. Rules may be posted through the lieutenant governor’s Common Sense Initiative office, if applicable. For rules that go through the Common Sense Initiative process, the review concludes with a formal report clearing the way for the Department to file the rules with the Joint Commission on Agency Rule Review or recommend further changes. If the Common Sense Initiative process does not apply, the rules are filed with the Joint Commission on Agency Rule Review.

The rules for review are listed below:

OAC 3301-24-13 Relinquishment of license or teaching field.

  Ohio Administrative Code 3301-24-13, “Relinquishment of license or teaching field,”  currently is under five-year rule review. This rule outlines the process by which educators can relinquish an education license in its entirety or relinquish a teaching field from an existing license. No changes are being recommended to this rule at this time

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