2018-2019 Ohio School Report Cards Data Spreadsheets

The spreadsheets below contain all district, school, community school, dropout prevention and recovery school, career tech school and third grade reading guarantee grades.

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Information on School and District Performance Management Data

General Report Card Information

Why are there Ohio School Report Cards?

Ohio School Report Cards give your community a clear picture of the progress of your district and schools in raising achievement and preparing students for the future. They also include a performance management section users can access by clicking the “Financial Data” button at the top of each report card. The information measures district and school performance in the areas most critical to success in learning, as well as information on academic and financial performance metrics. Ohio School Report Cards data shows educators, school administrators and families where their schools are succeeding as well as areas where they need to improve.

Report Card Components

Districts and schools report information for the Ohio School Report Cards on specific measures within six broader components. The components are Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers, Graduation Rate and Prepared for Success. Districts and schools earn letter grades on each of the six components, most of the individual measures and an overall summative rating. This helps give Ohio parents and schools a snapshot of the quality of education they are providing to students. 

Rewards and Recognition

Ohio recognizes schools for maintaining high academic achievement among their students, including many from economically disadvantaged circumstances that can make learning difficult.