Report Card FAQs

Ohio's Accountability System includes four components: State Indicators, Performance Index score, Value Added, and AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress). FAQs provided below offer in-depth explanations for the most common questions about the Accountability System and its implementation.

Local Report Card FAQ

Local Report Card FAQ

    What is new for the 2017-18 Report Card?

    For the first time, schools and districts will be assigned overall letter grades. The overall grade is calculated by using results in the six components: Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers (previously known as K – 3 Literacy Improvement), Graduation Rate, and Prepared for Success.

    Two new indicators are included in the Indicators Met measure. The Chronic Absenteeism Improvement Indicator measures the number of students who are chronically absent (defined as missing at least 10 percent of the school year) and the efforts to reduce that number. The End-of-Course Improvement Indicator measures the performance and improvement on retaken end-of-course tests.

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    What is changing for graduation and Students with Disabilities?

    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) includes specific requirements for graduation reporting as it relates to students with disabilities. Specifically, ESSA requires that students that do not meet the state requirements for a regular diploma are not to be counted as on-time graduates in the cohort graduation rate.

    In Ohio this would mean that students on IEPs that take the required assessments but are not subject to the consequences would not meet the graduation rate reporting requirements according to the ESSA definition. However, Ohio law requires that any students receiving a diploma be included as an on-time graduate in the state accountability system, including students that meet graduation requirements based on their IEPs.

    Therefore, the 2017-18 Report Card will continue previous reporting rules and include these students in the Class of 2017 as on-time graduates for state Report Card purposes. Separately, for federal reporting and ESSA identification purposes (Priority and Focus schools), Ohio will report a separate rate which will not include these students as on-time graduates.

    It is in the best interest of students with disabilities that the State create the conditions and an accountability system that creates an expectation that they achieve the same graduation requirements as other students – except for those who are participating in the alternate assessment for students with significant cognitive disabilities. It is also the state’s responsibility to provide supports and resources to reach this goal. Consequently, the ultimate goal should be that the state’s Report Card portrays a graduation rate that is the same as the one reported to the federal government based on current federal requirements, excluding graduates who are students with disabilities that receive diplomas without having met the same requirements as their non-disabled peers.

    The transition will likely take place no earlier than the class of 2021. ODE will be providing resources and data to support this transition which coincides with the implementation of Ohio’s Strategic Plan: Each Child, Our Future and the ongoing policy discussions on Ohio’s pathways to graduation.

    For questions related to Graduation Requirements, please contact:
    For questions related to the Graduation Rate calculation, please contact:

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    I have a question that's not listed here. Where do I go?

    ODE's main line is available toll free at 1-877-644-6338.  You can also e-mail Accountability questions directly to or more general questions can be directed to

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