Report Card Disclaimer and Release Notes


The Ohio Department of Education compiles the information on the report cards utilizing data collected and reported by school districts (including community schools and joint vocational school districts) to the department in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 3301.0714. School districts have the opportunity to submit, review, validate and correct data during an established data submission period.  

Additionally, districts have the opportunity to appeal and correct substantive reporting errors through an appeals process. 

The information provided on the report cards is subject to change if any of the following occur:

  • Incomplete or inaccurate data submitted by a school district likely caused the district to receive a higher performance rating (in accordance with 3301.0714 ORC)
  • The department decides to update based upon a substantive error in data reported by a school district
  • An error is identified in a calculation or data compilation performed by the department

This site includes links to external websites that the Department provides for informational purposes only.  By linking to these pages, the Department is not endorsing any information or opinions appearing in them and is not assuming responsibility for the content of external sites or any site to which they connect.  The Department reserves the right to refuse to link any external content that it considers inappropriate.

Release Notes for the 2017-2018 Report Cards

9/13/2018 - 2017-2018 Ohio School Report Cards released.

9/27/2018 - Additional watermarks added to some report cards. 

10/18/2018 - Additional watermarks added to some report cards, sponsor names added to community school report cards (district details page), and some Advanced Reports released.

1/17/2019 - Several new Advanced Reports were added to the report card website.

4/19/2019 - ODE updated the School Choice Options table that appears on the “Details” page of each traditional district’s report card.  Previously, the data were reported as headcounts based on a student’s status on March 31st of the 2017-18 school year.  Because of the migration to ODE’s new data warehouse, the numbers now represent full-time equivalents (FTEs), and the calculation uses the last status reported for each student in the 2017-18 school year.  Some districts may see differences in their numbers because of the changes to the nine calculations.

Errata for the 2017-2018 Report Cards

The following educator measures do not include data from contracted teachers:  teacher education levels, percent of core academic subjects not taught by Highly Qualified Teachers, teacher attendance rate and average salary, and average years of teacher experience.

The following schools have incomplete data due to mid-year closure:


District IRN

District Name

Building IRN

Building Name


Franklin 133413 Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow 133413 Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow School has incomplete report card data due to a mid-year closure
Richland 044297 Mansfield City 135566 Mansfield City Alternative School School has incomplete report card data due to a mid-year closure


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