The State Board of Education has adopted the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics as part of Ohio's suite of Ohio's New Learning Standards for academic learning. The Kindergarten - Grade 12 standards will be used fully in Ohio classrooms by 2014-2015, when assessments that align to the standards are in place. ODE encourages districts to start implementing Ohio's New Learning Standards in Mathematics now to better prepare students for 2014-2015 and beyond.

Ohio's New Learning Standards

Information on the College and Career Ready (Common Core) Standards.

Model Curricula

These mathematics Model Curricula were written by Ohio educators to support the implementation of Ohio's New Learning Standards for mathematics. The State Board of Education adopted the Model Curricula in March 2011. This document will grow and change over time.

In October 2013, Career Connections strategies were added to the Instructional Strategies in the model curricula.

Ohio Mathematics and Science Partnership Program Grant

The Ohio Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) provides professional development opportunities especially for Ohio’s mathematics and science educators. For more information click here.

Problems and Ideas 

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Pursuant to ORC 3301.079 (B) (3) and 3313.60, it is the responsibility of Ohio's local boards of education to vet and approve curriculum and educational materials for use in the public schools within their district. The use of any materials posted or linked to on the Ohio Department of Education website, including materials within the Common Core State Standards or Appendices or any state model curricula or other educational resource material, is entirely up to the discretion of each local board of education.