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Ohio legislation1 requires the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and the lead district of each secondary Career-Technical Planning District (CTPD) to conduct an annual review for each career-technical education program within the planning district.
The intent of the Career-Technical Education Quality Program Review is to maximize the use of resources improving the quality of career-technical education programs. The Career-Technical Education Program Review is a one to five-year process. The district conducts a self-review and creates and implements identified improvement strategies for noncompliance areas identified in the compliance system.  This work is completed in collaboration with the Career-Technical Planning District and the Ohio Department of Education according to the schedule below.  
Note: All actions are listed as ‘Recommended’ due to the FY2020 Quality Program Review Pathway Data ‘Hold Harmless’ periodThe office of Career-Technical Education will not hold Quality Program Review Workshops for the FY2020 Data set.


The performance indicators being the focal point of the program review process for the FY2020 Pathway Data are the following:

1.  Technical Skill Attainment
Technical Skill Attainment measures the proportion of students passing technical  assessments. These assessments are designed to measure the skills and knowledge learned in a student’s career-technical education program.

2.  Technical Skill Assessment Participation Rate
Technical Skill Assessment Participation Rate is the proportion of concentrators who left school in programs with available assessments who were assessed and reported with valid scores.

3.  Post-Program Placement

Post-Program Placement measures the proportion of students who are employed, in an aapprenticeship, join the military, or are enrolled in postsecondary education or advanced training in the six months after leaving school.

The indicators for the FY2021 Pathway Data and beyond will align to the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V) and will be Technical Skill Attainment, Work-based Learning and Post-Program Placement.  For more information on the Perkins V indicators and other Data and Accountability Resources, please reference the Data and Accountability web page.
Launch Date of Compliance System with FY2020 Pathway Data:  November 1, 2020
If you have any questions, please contact Frits Rizor (Frits.Rizor@education.ohio.gov), Education Program Specialist, Office of Career-Technical Education, at (614) 387-7592.

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1 ORC 3317.161

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