Community Schools Documents

Community Schools Documents

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  • Community School Contract
  • Operator Contract
  • Five Year Forecast


A+ Arts Academy (IRN 000556) Life Skills Center of North Akron (IRN 008063)
A+ Children's Academy (IRN 013232) Life Skills Center of Toledo (IRN 149302)
Academy for Urban Scholars Youngstown (IRN 013249) Life Skills Center of Youngstown (IRN 133801)
Academy of Educational Excellence (IRN 013195) Life Skills High School of Cleveland (IRN 013226)
Academy of Junior Scholars (IRN 017212)  
Achieve Career Preparatory Academy (IRN 011507) LifeLinks Community School (IRN 011479)
AchievePoint Career Academy - Cincinnati (IRN 017275) Lighthouse Community School Inc (IRN 133389)
AchievePoint Career Academy - Columbus (IRN 017280) Lincoln Park Academy (IRN 014065)
Akron Digital Academy (IRN 149054) Lincoln Preparatory Academy (IRN 133819)
Akron Preparatory School (IRN 013254) London Academy (IRN 151027)
Akros Middle School (IRN 012060) Lorain Bilingual Academy (IRN 017270)
Albert Einstein Academy for Letters, Arts and Sciences Ohio (IRN 013994) Lorain K 12 Digital Academy (IRN 151142)
Alliance Academy of Cincinnati (IRN 000139) Lorain Preparatory Academy (IRN 008000)
Alternative Education Academy (IRN 143396) Madison Avenue School of Arts (IRN 009955)
Apex Academy (IRN 000560) Madisonville SMART Elementary (IRN 012513)
Arts & College Preparatory Academy (IRN 143610) Mahoning County High School (IRN 009996)
Ashland County Community Academy (IRN 009971) Mahoning Unlimited Classroom  (IRN 148999)
Auglaize County Educational Academy  (IRN 000288) Mahoning Valley Opportunity Center (IRN 008251)
Aurora Academy (IRN 134148) Main Street Preparatory Academy (IRN 014066)
Autism Model School (IRN 134122) Mansfield Elective Academy (IRN 000396)
Beacon Academy (IRN 015709) Marion City Digital Academy (IRN 148916)
  Marion Preparatory Academy (IRN 017585)
Beacon Hill Academy (IRN 012501) Marshall High School (IRN 132803)
Bella Academy of Excellence (IRN 011390) Mason Run High School (IRN 012037)
Bennett Venture Academy (IRN 000843) Massillon Digital Academy, Inc (IRN 149427)
Berwyn East Academy (IRN 014090) Menlo Park Academy (IRN 000318)
Bridges Community Academy (IRN 000311) Miami Valley Academies  (IRN 132944)
Bridge Gate Community School (IRN 015710) Miamisburg Secondary Academy (IRN 000360)
Broadway Academy (IRN 012684) Middlebury Academy (IRN 134213)
Brookwood Academy (IRN 013198) Middletown Fitness & Prep Academy (IRN 143214)
Buckeye On Line School for Success (IRN 000417) Midnimo Cross Cultural Community School (IRN 000780)
Buckeye Preparatory Academy (IRN 014825) Millennium Community School (IRN 133561)
Canton College Preparatory School (IRN 013255) Monroe Preparatory Academy (IRN 008064)
Canton Harbor High School (IRN 000525) Montgomery Preparatory Academy (IRN 017259)
Capital Collegiate Preparatory Academy (IRN 017537)  
Capital High School (IRN 012044) Mound Street Academies (IRN 143123)
Center for Student Achievement (IRN 007998) Mound Street Health Careers Academy (IRN 143131)
Central Academy of Ohio (IRN 009164) Mound Street IT Careers Academy (IRN 143115)
Central High School (IRN 012041) Mount Auburn International Academy (IRN 010180)
Cesar Chavez College Preparatory School (IRN 010036) Mount Auburn Preparatory Academy (IRN 017274)
Chapelside Cleveland Academy (IRN 014061) Mt. Healthy Preparatory and Fitness Academy (IRN 000953)
Charles School at Ohio Dominican University (IRN 007999) Near West Intergenerational School (IRN 012030)
Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy (IRN 133512) New Day Academy Boarding & Day School (IRN 000677)
Cincinnati Generation Academy (IRN 014932) Newark Digital Academy (IRN 000162)
Cincinnati Learning Schools (IRN 013967) Newbridge Math & Reading Preparatory Academy (IRN 012536)
Cincinnati Technology Academy (IRN 013864) Nexus Academy of Columbus (IRN 013201)
Citizens Academy (IRN 133520) Nexus Academy of Toledo (IRN 013200)
Citizens Academy East (IRN 012852) Noble Academy Cleveland (IRN 008278)
Citizens Academy Southeast (IRN 015261) Noble Academy Columbus (IRN 008280)
Citizens Leadership Academy (IRN 012029) North Central Academy (IRN 012054)
  North Columbus Preparatory Academy (IRN 017538)
Citizens Leadership Academy East (IRN 016843)  North Dayton School Of Science & Discovery  (IRN 143529)
City Day Community School (IRN 134247) Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School (IRN 011923)
Clark Preparatory Academy (IRN 015236) Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy (IRN 000511)
Clay Avenue Community School (IRN 009181) Northmont Secondary Academy (IRN 014051)
Cleveland Academy for Scholarship Technology and Leadership (IRN 000527) Northpointe Academy (IRN 009147)
  Northwest Ohio Classical Academy (IRN 017498)
Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy (IRN 007995) Norwood Conversion Community School (IRN 014912)
Cleveland College Preparatory School (IRN 012010) Oakstone Community School (IRN 000679)
Cleveland Entrepreneurship Preparatory School (IRN 000930) Ohio College Preparatory School  (IRN 013253)
Cleveland Preparatory Academy (IRN 013199) Ohio Connections Academy, Inc (IRN 000236)
Cliff Park High School (IRN 132795) Ohio Construction Academy  (IRN 014067)
  Ohio Digital Learning School (IRN 017643)
Colonial Prep Academy (IRN 134221) Ohio Valley Energy Technology Academy (IRN 015241)
Columbus Arts & Technology Academy (IRN 000557) Ohio Virtual Academy (IRN 142950)
Columbus Bilingual Academy North (IRN 011468) Old Brook High School (IRN 012038)
Columbus Collegiate Academy (IRN 009122) Orchard Park Academy (IRN 016837)
Columbus Collegiate Academy West  (IRN 012951) Orion Academy (IRN 000559)
Columbus Humanities, Arts and Technology Academy (IRN 000553) Par Excellence Academy (IRN 000941)
Columbus Performance Academy  (IRN 012011) Pathway School of Discovery (IRN 000138)
Columbus Preparatory Academy (IRN 000558) Patriot Preparatory Academy (IRN 012045)
Columbus Preparatory and Fitness Academy (IRN 000952) Performance Academy Eastland (IRN 010182)
Constellation Schools: Collinwood Village Academy (IRN 012026) Phoenix Academy Community School (IRN 000130)
Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy (IRN 012671) Phoenix Community Learning Center (IRN 133504)
Constellation Schools: Elyria Community (IRN 132969) Pickerington Community School (IRN 012497)
Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Elementary (IRN 132951) Pinnacle Academy (IRN 000543)
Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Middle (IRN 000320) Pleasant Community Digital (IRN 151035)
Constellation Schools: Madison Community Elementary (IRN 000319) Polly Fox Academy Community School (IRN 000125)
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Elementary (IRN 134098) Promise Academy (IRN 000936)
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Middle (IRN 000321) Provost Academy Ohio (IRN 014148)
Constellation Schools: Outreach Academy for Students with Disabilities (IRN 000541) Quaker Digital Academy (IRN 000241)
Constellation Schools: Parma Community (IRN 133256) Quest Community School (IRN 012078)
  Randall Park High School (IRN 151209)
Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Elementary (IRN 143479) REACH Academy (IRN 014858)
  ReGeneration Bond Hill (IRN 017490)
Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Middle (IRN 000534) Regent High School (IRN 012036)
Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Elementary (IRN 143487) Renaissance Academy (IRN 011439)
Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Middle (IRN 012025) Richard Allen Academy (IRN 133736)
Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Elementary (IRN 132993) Richard Allen Academy II (IRN 143560)
Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Middle (IRN 000316) Richard Allen Academy III (IRN 143578)
Constellation Schools: Westside Community School of the Arts (IRN 009149) Richard Allen Preparatory (IRN 133348)
Cornerstone Academy Community (IRN 133439) Richland Academy School of Excellence (IRN 011967)
Coshocton Opportunity School (IRN 000598) Ridgedale Community School (IRN 151167)
Cruiser Academy (IRN 012000) Rise & Shine Academy (IRN 013999)
Cypress High School (IRN 017497)  
Dayton Business Technology High School (IRN 008283) Rittman Academy (IRN 000640)
Dayton Early College Academy, Inc (IRN 009283) River Gate High School (IRN 133488)
Dayton Leadership Academies Dayton View Campus (IRN 133454) Riverside Academy (IRN 133678)
Dayton Leadership Academies Early Learning Academy (IRN 133959) Road to Success Academy (IRN 012040)
Dayton SMART Elementary School (IRN 014149) Rushmore Academy (IRN 011444)
DECA PREP (IRN 012924) Schnee Learning Center (IRN 147231)
Discovery Academy (IRN 014188) Sciotoville (IRN 143644)
Dohn Community (IRN 133264) Sciotoville Elementary Academy (IRN 009964)
Eagle Academy (IRN 143552) Smart Academy (IRN 016812)
Eagle Learning Center (IRN 008289) South Columbus Preparatory Academy (IRN 016829)
Early College Academy (IRN 000912) South Scioto Academy (IRN 008281)
East Academy (IRN 014187) Southern Ohio Academy (IRN 013233)
East Bridge Academy of Excellence (IRN 000938) Southside Academy (IRN 012105)
East Preparatory Academy (IRN 014147) Southwest Ohio Preparatory (IRN 016850)
Educational Academy for Boys & Girls (IRN 000779) Springfield Preparatory and Fitness Academy (IRN 000510)
Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow (IRN 133413) Stambaugh Charter Academy  (IRN 000855)
Emerson Academy (IRN 000577) Star Academy of Toledo (IRN 009171)
Entrepreneurship Preparatory School Woodland Hills Campus (IRN 012031) Stark High School (IRN 142901)
Euclid Preparatory School (IRN 015712) STEAM Academy of Akron (IRN 012627)
Everest High School (IRN 011956) STEAM Academy of Dayton (IRN 013146)
Fairborn Digital Academy (IRN 149088) STEAM Academy of Warren (IRN 012644)
Findlay Digital Academy (IRN 000402) STEAM Academy of Warrensville Heights (IRN 013147)
Flex High School (IRN 015237) Steel Academy (IRN 014927)
Focus Learning Academy of Northern Columbus (IRN 142943) Stepstone Academy (IRN 013148)
Focus Learning Academy of Southeastern Columbus (IRN 142935) Stonebrook Montessori (IRN 015239)
Focus Learning Academy of Southwest Columbus (IRN 142927) Sullivant Avenue Community School (IRN 009953)
Focus North High School (IRN 012529) Summit Academy - Akron Elementary School (IRN 133587)
Foundation Academy (IRN 009192) Summit Academy - Akron Middle School (IRN 132779)
Foxfire East Academy (IRN 015238) Summit Academy Alternative Learners - Warren Middle & Secondary (IRN 000616)
Foxfire High School (IRN 149328) Summit Academy Community School - Dayton (IRN 000297)
Foxfire Intermediate School (IRN 012033) Summit Academy Community School - Cincinnati (IRN 000306)
Franklin Local Community School (IRN 148932) Summit Academy Community School - Columbus (IRN 000296)
Franklinton Preparatory Academy (IRN 013892) Summit Academy Community School - Painesville (IRN 000629)
Frederick Douglass High School (IRN 012043) Summit Academy Community School - Parma (IRN 000302)
George V. Voinovich High School (IRN 012042) Summit Academy Community School - Toledo (IRN 000304)
Glass City Academy (IRN 000131) Summit Academy Community School - Warren (IRN 000305)
Global Ambassadors Language Academy (IRN 015737) Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners - Lorain (IRN 133322)
Global Village Academy (IRN 012558) Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners - Xenia (IRN 132761)
Goal Digital Academy (IRN 149047) Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learn - Canton (IRN 133306)
Graham Elementary and Middle School (IRN 011972) Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learners of Middletown  (IRN 132746)
Graham Primary School (IRN 013030) Summit Academy Middle School - Columbus (IRN 000610)
Great River Connections Academy (IRN 017233) Summit Academy Middle School - Lorain (IRN 000609)
Great Western Academy  (IRN 143198) Summit Academy Secondary - Akron (IRN 000298)
Greater Ohio Virtual School (IRN 000282) Summit Academy Secondary - Canton (IRN 000300)
Greater Summit County Early Learning Center (IRN 011381) Summit Academy Secondary - Lorain (IRN 000301)
Green Inspiration Academy (IRN 134197) Summit Academy Secondary - Youngstown (IRN 000303)
Groveport Community School (IRN 008287) Summit Academy Secondary School - Middletown (IRN 000634)
Hamilton Alternative Academy (IRN 000197) Summit Academy - Toledo Learning Center (IRN 000633)
Hamilton County Math & Science (IRN 143602) Summit Academy Transition High School - Cincinnati (IRN 000608)
Hardin Community School (IRN 011324) Summit Academy Transition High School - Dayton (IRN 000621)
Harrisburg Pike Community School (IRN 009954) Summit Academy Transition High School - Columbus (IRN 000614)
Harvard Avenue Performance Academy (IRN 008286) Summit Academy - Youngstown (IRN 000623)
Heir Force Community School (IRN 000613) SunBridge Schools (IRN 013175)
Hope Academy for Autism (IRN 013170) T.C.P. World Academy (IRN 133330)
Hope Academy Northcoast (IRN 142968) T2 Honors Academy  (IRN 014904)
Hope Academy Northwest Campus (IRN 000575) The Academy for Urban Scholars (IRN 012528)
Hope Learning Academy of Toledo (IRN 014091) The Autism Academy Of Learning (IRN 143297)
Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati (IRN 000804) The Capella Institute (IRN 151191)
Horizon Science Academy Cleveland (IRN 133629) The Edge Academy (IRN 00000)
Horizon Science Academy Cleveland Middle School (IRN 000858) The Graham School (IRN 00000)
Horizon Science Academy Columbus (IRN 133660) The Haley School (IRN 013082)
Horizon Science Academy Columbus Middle School (IRN 009179) The Intergenerational School  (IRN 133215)
Horizon Science Academy Dayton (IRN 000808) The Maritime Academy of Toledo (IRN 000770)
Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown  (IRN 011976) Toledo Preparatory and Fitness Academy (IRN 000951)
Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School (IRN 011534) Toledo School For The Arts (IRN 133942)
Horizon Science Academy Denison Elementary School (IRN 010007) Toledo SMART Elementary School (IRN 00000)
Horizon Science Academy Denison Middle School (IRN 000838) Tomorrow Center (IRN 148981)
Horizon Science Academy Elementary School (IRN 009990) Townsend North Community School (IRN 012867)
Horizon Science Academy Lorain (IRN 011533) Towpath Trail High School (IRN 133868)
Horizon Science Academy Primary (IRN 017123) Treca Digital Academy (IRN 143305)
Horizon Science Academy Springfield (IRN 000825) Trotwood Fitness & Prep Academy (IRN 143206)
Horizon Science Academy Toledo (IRN 000338) United Preparatory Academy (IRN 014467)
Horizon Science Academy Youngstown (IRN 011986) University Academy (IRN 014063)
Huber Heights Preparatory Academy (IRN 017535)  
iLEAD Spring Meadows (IRN 015736) United Preparatory Academy East (IRN 016858)
Imagine Akron Academy (IRN 011947) University of Cleveland Preparatory School (IRN 012541)
Imagine Columbus Primary School (IRN 014139) Urban Early College Network (IRN 015714)
  Urban Male Tech Academy (IRN 017599)
Imagine Hill Avenue (IRN 013173) Urbana Community School (IRN 149062)
Imagine Leadership Academy (IRN 014121) Utica Shale Academy of Ohio (IRN 014830)
Imagine Woodbury Academy (IRN 012545) Village Preparatory School (IRN 011291)
Insight School of Ohio (IRN 014081) Village Preparatory School Willard (IRN 015722)
Inspire Charter School - Elementary (IRN 016811) Village Preparatory School:: Woodland Hills (IRN 013034)

Interactive Media & Construction (IMAC) (IRN 000905)

Virtual Community School Of Ohio (IRN 143537)
International Academy Of Columbus  (IRN 143172) Washington Park Community School (IRN 133280)
Invictus High School (IRN 133835) Watkins Academy (IRN 014194)
Kids Care Elementary (IRN 016836) West Carrollton Secondary Academy (IRN 013059)
King Academy Community School (IRN 000576) West Central Learning Academy II (IRN 151175)
KIPP Columbus (IRN 009997) West Park Academy (IRN 014189)
Klepinger Community School (IRN 009957) West Preparatory Academy (IRN 143313)
Kenmore Preparatory Academy (IRN 017536)  
L. Hollingworth School for Talented and Gifted (IRN 010205) Westside Academy (IRN 000875)
Lake Erie College Preparatory School (IRN 013132) Westwood Preparatory Academy (IRN 015741)
Lake Erie International High School  (IRN 151183) Whitehall Preparatory and Fitness Academy (IRN 000509)
Lakeland Academy Community School (IRN 011511) Wildwood Environmental Academy (IRN 000222)
Lakeshore Intergenerational School (IRN 014913) WINGS Academy 1 (IRN 000736)
Lakewood City Academy (IRN 000942) WINGS Academy 2 (IRN 000738)
Lawrence County Academy (IRN 014094) Winterfield Venture Academy (IRN 000546)
Liberty High School (IRN 016849) Winton Preparatory Academy (IRN 014064)
Liberty Preparatory School (IRN 013962) Wright Preparatory Academy (IRN 015713)
Life Skills Center Of Cincinnati (IRN 133785) Youngstown Academy of Excellence (IRN 007984)
Life Skills Center of Columbus North (IRN 008282) Youngstown Community School (IRN 134072)
Life Skills Center of Columbus Southeast (IRN 000664) Youthbuild Columbus Community (IRN 132985)
Life Skills Center of Dayton (IRN 000813) Zanesville Community School  (IRN 009148)
Life Skills Center of Elyria (IRN 142919) Zenith Academy (IRN 000725)
  Zenith Academy East (IRN 012009)
  Zenith Academy West (IRN 015234)

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