EMIS Roundup

This page will be updated regularly to include the major EMIS events of the previous month. This page is not meant to include detailed information, to be all inclusive, or to replace any other communications. This is a one stop summary to assist you in ensuring you have not missed any major EMIS happenings.

Updates included for August 21, 2020 – September 18, 2020
9/14/20: Data Review final status, Data Review status updated,
9/11/20: Collection posted, Collection Calendar updated, Data Review closing
9/8/20: Data Review status updated
9/4/20: Collection posted, Data Review open
9/3/20: CTAC Level 2 report updated
9/1/20: Appeals open
8/31/20: Appeals open, Data Review status updated
8/27/20: Retention reporting clarification
8/24/20: Data Review completion status

EMIS ITC Conference Calls (Link to notes found here)
8/24/20: call

Files (File Descriptions found here)
9/14/20: 2020 Grad Cohort files
9/4/20: 2020 CTE files
9/2/20: DPR Report Card files
9/1/20: 2020 CTE files
8/31/20: 2020 Expenditure Report Card files
8/28/20: 2020 CTE files
8/27/20: 2020 Expenditure Report Card files, 2020 PBIS Report Card files, 2020 DPR Report Card files, 2020 CTE files
8/25/20: 2020 DPR Report Card files

Collections (Release Notes found here)
9/11/20: FY21 Beginning of Year Student, v1
9/4/20: FY21 Five Year Forecast, v1

EMIS Training (Training Schedules found here)
New EMIS Coordinator Training

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